Our mission

Your requirements, our standards

To build inspiring, modern and friendly living spaces in a state-of-the-art environment, in order to improve the well-being, health and happiness of our residents. To offer the best possible quality of life according to the highest standards in terms of services, health care, activities and infrastructure. To meet the highest demands with highly qualified, empathetic, human and dynamic staff. To create a sense of pride, belonging and dignity for both our residents and employees. All of this, by focusing on prevention, ethics, respect and benevolence.

To become the dream of a lifetime

To be a model, a reference, a leader, to develop stimulating living environments for retirees through innovative and preventive practices in terms of health, planning and animation among our communities. To allow people to age in style and beauty.

Environments designed to make you happy

To promote the well-being of our residents, all aspects of life must be considered. This is why Sélection Retraite relies on the experience and expertise of its management and employees in order to achieve our ultimate goal: the well-being of all our residents. But creating a better quality of life comes first and foremost through empathy and authenticity. Values that are the basis of Sélection Retraite’s culture. That is what makes it possible to imagine and design environments with the potential to change the lives of residents for the better, and even to make them happier.

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