The warm season is upon us, which is the ideal moment to meet new people, decompress, and recharge your batteries. In the hope of inspiring you, we put together multiple activities that will help you make the most of the next sunny months.

1- Gardening


It is the ideal moment to put that green thumb to good use by growing pink radishes, spinach, coriander, tomatoes, and lettuce. Complement your summer recipes, taste the fruit of your labour, and surprise your guests at dinner.

2- Combine music and great outdoors!

During summer, Quebec leaves room to many free outdoor events. Visit your town’s website to learn more about what they have to offer. Also, our residences are spoiling you with different activities that are open to the general public. OSM will be back again on July 9 in Rosemont and August 17 at Le Cambridge, after performing in many of our residences. Mark your calendar!

3- Play petanque, golf, or both!

Both of these games need concentration, coordination, and patience, but which one should you choose? Petanque is a friendly sport that reminds us of summertime. No need to find a place to play, since most of our residencies are equipped with everything you need. When it comes to golf, even if it can be a little more expensive, it channels your energies and helps your overall posture. Both activities can be shared with your family, friends, grandchild, or partner. So, are you more gold club or jack ball?

4- BBQ time!

A Summer without some BBQ is not a real summer! Come and celebrate the national holiday and Canada Day around a tasty BBQ at Rosemont Les Quartiers. At Jardin des Sources, a BBQ will take place for its residents, and if you enjoy themed parties, Jardin d’Italie is hosting a BBQ Western Night!

  • June 21 : National Holiday BBQ – Rosemont Les Quartiers
  • June 28 : Canada Day BBQ – Rosemont Les Quartiers
  • June 27 : BBQ - Jardin des Sources
  • June 27: Spanish fiesta - Sélection Laval
  • June 27 : Well-being night - Boréal
  • June 27 : Western Night BBQ – Jardin d’Italie

5- Plan a stroll

Taking a walk can seem innocent, but it is an underrated physical activity due to its many benefits for your joints, lungs, and heart. Whether the hike is slow, short, long or intense, it is always a great moment to chat with friends and unwind. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new cardio friend amongst other walkers...

6- Practice Tai-Chi

That soft martial art doesn’t need any equipment, and is convenient for those who are suffering from joint pain. This Chinese sport helps develop concentration and balance, which prevents falls and back pain. Try it; you’ll spend a soothing moment in nature while staying active!

7- For a memorable summer, dance!

Choose between square dance, salsa, or any other style, then choose your most convenient place to start, which can be your living room or any of our complex lounges. Moreover, on July 4, a Spanish fiesta will be taking place at Sélection Laval and a Jazz night will also be hosted at Sélection Vaudreuil on July 18. It’s the perfect time to start to get groovy!

8- Learn flexibility with Yoga

Have you ever tried a Yoga experience? This sport helps with your overall physical health, but also helps with stress, depression and helps you become an optimist! Ask about classes that might be available in your complex.

9- Attend an outdoor movie night

Is there anything better than watching a movie outside, under the stars, comfortably seated in a chair? Ask about the next screening organized in your city or your complex and invite friends over to this fantastic free night!

10- Organize a corn roast

Mid-August, corn roast season is around the corner. Take this opportunity to organize one at your house with the help of your neighbours, your family, and your grandchild. You can introduce them to this beautiful tradition. For anyone who lives at Sélection Jardin des Sources, please note that a big corn roast will take place on August 22. Get your butter and salt ready!

As you may see, summertime is the perfect time to embellish your everyday life. Everyone at Sélection Retraite is here to make sure you have a wonderful Summer, filled with joy and memories. Do not hesitate to contact our counselors if you have any questions on any upcoming activity or outing, or if you have any suggestions. A beautiful summer to each and every one of you!

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