Travelling is good for morale. We have all experienced it: a change of scenery recharges our batteries! There is no need to leave for long to feel this well-being. Whether it be one day or one week, what is more euphoric than a drive through a charming rural village or the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the shore? 

Beyond personal experience, there is science behind this concept. A recent study conducted at Edith Cowan University in Australia has shown that several aspects of travelling could have a positive impact on people who struggle with mental health problems. Just dreaming about it stimulates our imagination and lifts our spirits!

The simple fact of being in a foreign environment and living through new experiences stimulates our brain. It then secretes dopamine, which in turn strengthens our memory. To promote good mental health, nothing compares to a complete change of scenery!

1. Dive into travel guides

Paper guides

Have you always dreamed of visiting Paris, London, or Rome? Travel there in spirits by getting your hands on travel guides and books about your dream destinations. Filled with breathtaking pictures, history of ancient civilizations and societies, and practical information, Gallimard travel guides are a perfect example. Don’t hesitate to start collecting them.


You can find an abundance of travel videos on the platform! There is every style of content to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking to learn more about gastronomy, architecture, or history, many youtubers invite you to follow them on their journeys around the globe. You can start discovering iconic locations and even hidden treasures.

2. Listen to foreign music

Music can act as an escape. It has an instant positive impact on mood. Listening to pieces that resonate with you makes you more joyful and relaxed. Music is also an invitation to travel! Its rhythms, melodies, and sounds can send your mind elsewhere. Do you feel like being transported to Asia? Listen to the sounds of the Indian zither. Off to South America? Salsa, bachata, or tango should do the trick.

3. Travel with your tongue

If you cannot travel right now, treat yourself to a gastronomic journey by cooking exotic, Italian, Indian, Mexican, or Japanese specialty dishes. You can find a ton of easy recipes on the Zeste website. Why not visit an exotic grocery store to discover a ton of new ingredients and get inspired to cook foreign dishes?

4. Take out your old travel albums

Admiring old travel photos is always pleasurable. It is a nice way to bring back memories and relive joyful moments in the comfort of your own home. Why not make it a celebration? Invite friends over and tell them about your travel experiences.

5. Attend travel conferences

Did you know that CAA Québec offers free online travel conferences? Make the most of them! Scotland’s finest, South African safari, or Spotlight on Spain, simply choose among the many different themes. You can then dream about your next destination or plan your next trip thanks to the experts’ advice.



If travelling is not part of your short-term plans, a change of scenery is still accessible. There are benefits for mental health, even without leaving your home. 

Reading, watching videos, cooking exotic recipes, and listening to music are all easy and quick ways to send your mind to some faraway land. You will feel its effects on your well-being!


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