As a former manager in retailing, Mme Duclos choose Selection St-Jean for her “action-oriented” retirement and is making the most of every summer pleasure while it lasts. We met her in the meandering of a Bal en Blanc themed night between two glasses of wine… white wine. Portrait of an easily happy, communicative woman.

Do you regularly participate in themed night?

“ YES, I almost attend everything! I am a girl-gang person. I especially enjoy the “bal en blanc” themed night. Everyone is really into it, and the result is just WOW. I cannot wait to see the photos your photographer took on this particular night. Everyone looks so good; it really puts us in the mood. Even the singer - hired especially for the occasion - was wearing a wonderful white dress. I especially loved her interpretation of Céline Dion; everyone was singing along.

We also served a delicious white fish with some greens and for dessert, a white strawberry shortcake with some real cream, it was really really good. Speaking of themed nights, we also had a really great beach party last winter… Everyone dressed in summer clothes, it was so fun. Here, ultimately, it is a bit like summer all year long!”

What are your biggest (and smallest) joys at Selection?

“ Friends, card games and behind surrounded… no matter what, I enjoy every moment. People always say I am easily content. I think it is true, but - especially here- it is even easier to be happy on an everyday basis. Even when I am home, I feel surrounded. As soon as the hot days arise, I display flowers on my balcony. I love to sit there and enjoy my breakfast. I have a wonderful view of the garden; I simply love to observe people and life itself.”

The perfect summer day, in your opinion?

“ It starts with an aqua fitness day at the pool, then continues with a petanque tournament and ends - holding a beer or wine - sitting in the outdoor swings, experiencing a great talk with friends. A day in which you cannot see the hours pass, that is my ideal summery time!”

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