Only a resident at Sélection St-Augustin since Spring 2019, Mme Claire Bilodeau is already pretty involved in her new living environment. This Summer, you might get a chance to catch her at the garden, following the evolution of each of her plants, particularly “her Nasturtium.” She shares with us her Nasturtium capers recipe as well as her everyday life under the sun.

How did you end up getting involved in the garden?

“ When I saw all that free space in the gardening space, I took the initiative to ask if it was possible to save a little more space for vegetables, including Nasturtium so that we could collect their seeds in fall. They immediately accepted my request while giving me much freedom.”

“I fell in love with that plant a bit by accident… One day, my friend informed me that it was possible to harvest Nasturtium seeds to make capers. On that year, during fall, I was kneeling for my first harvest, and I adored the experience. It is so nice to work with your hands, to offer or to ear something we cultivated on our own.”

How and when do you harvest the seeds?

"You have to pick them up when they are green, at the end of a little stem. Expect them to be as big as standard capers and grab them before they turn brown. It happens at the end of August or early September."

How is your daily life in the garden?

"It's a pleasure for me to nurture the garden, from watering to weeding. Two of us share the same passion at Sélection St-Augustin. What's practical here is that the field is elevated. We don't need to bend over in order to hand pick plants. Impossible to get tired, fun times only!"

Here is a simple recipe once the seeds are harvested

1 — Rinse the seeds and drain them well.
2 — Cover them with coarse salt overnight.
3 — The next day, clean and pat them dry using a clean towel. 
4 — Sterilize the small jars.
5 — Boil an equal quantity of vinegar and water and cover the seeds while boiling.
6 — Quickly close the jars.
7 — Allow to stand for at least a month (ideally five to six months) before consuming.

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