What do Claude Renaud, a young retiree who loves Florida during winter and Pavel Ramirez, former weightlifter, have in common? They both live at Selection Retraite St-Augustin and are offering aquafitness classes voluntarily to our residents. Meet two retirees for whom movement is a shared passion.

How did you respectively start offering classes at Sélection?

“ At 66 years old, I am in excellent shape! Since I am spending a good amount of Winter in Florida, I discovered a true passion for aquafitness, and I offered to our facilitator to substitute for her from time to time, that simple”. — Claude

“ I am an accredited trainer by the Quebec weightlifting federation; it was then easy for me to assimilate the basis of aquafitness after attending a few classes here. I wanted to share my knowledge and inspire people to move daily” — Pavel

Can you describe your classes ?

“ My classes are very dynamic. I love to combine dance and aerobic movement on very uplifting music. I am not focused on precision or perfection. For me, the important thing is to move without taking things too seriously. I love to see people laugh during my classes.” — Claude

“ I started enjoying the development of an easy to follow sequence for every level, but that energizes all muscle groups. People appreciate my class and the structure I provide for them because it gives them a full-body training, and they see the difference in their body and in their physical condition.” — Pavel

What is your most delightful moment linked to aquafitness?

“ I would say one of the nicest moments during one of my classes was when  I realized a woman we had to help to get up and down the stairs at the pool was now doing it by herself - and that - only after a few weeks of training. When the pool is full, it makes me quite happy. I love to help people to stay active; it makes me happy to share that passion, it is my mission here at Selection!” — Pavel

“ What gives me positive energy when I teach my classes is when I see certain residents that needed a walker to move around before coming to classes now only using a cane. It is proof that moving - whatever the activity is - can keep you young and can also improve your everyday mobility and comfort.” — Claude 

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