Are you now retired and planning to live in a seniors’ residence? Now is the time to review the different opportunities that present themselves, while keeping in mind your future well-being. 

Maybe what motivates you most is shedding the burdensome chores of maintaining a house and finally focusing on your own comfort.

Even if you are very attached to your home and it is filled with memories, you will quickly see, once installed in your new environment, that a multitude of pleasures big and small await you.

In order to find the retirement residence made for you, you should take several factors into consideration:

  • Your budget
  • Your needs
  • Your lifestyle
  • The environment
  • Your well-being


What is your budget for an apartment in a retirement residence?

Establishing your budget is definitely the first step to deal with. You must be able to clearly identify your financial means to find the residence of your dreams. To do this, preferably establish a monthly budget detailing every item, in order to determine the amount you can dedicate to rent at your retirement residence.

To this end, Fadoq provides you with a guide containing a budget grid that will certainly be very useful in breaking down the various items in your income and expenses.

In addition, are you aware of the tax credit for home support? This could represent significant financial assistance. If you’re having trouble finding your way around, call on our rental advisors who will be able to help you.

List your needs

Second step, and not the least important, figure out your needs.

Day to day, what could you not give up? What is your way of life? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Homebody or sporty? Does your health require regular monitoring? As many points as we have details.

Health matters

Having peace of mind when it comes to health is priceless. Well-being comes with an active life and a healthy lifestyle.

Dietetic service for balanced nutrition could delight you, as well as the presence of a medical clinic, emergency medical assistance 24/7, the possibility of a doctor’s visit and the benefit of nursing care.

Do you want an on-site pharmacy or accessibility to physiotherapy treatments?

All this could be decisive in your choice of residence.

Your safety and that of your property

Do you want your future home to be perfectly secure? This is normal and here is what should reassure you:

  • Electronically controlled access
  • Receptionist 24/7
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Intercom

At Sélection Retraite, all our residences are equipped with the following security services.


What is essential in your daily life? For this step, you will need to list the services that you couldn’t do without.

Tired of housework and loads of laundry? Some residences offer weekly housekeeping and laundry services. Many seniors’ residences also offer two meals per day included in their rates. This is something to verify. You may also have the option of meal delivery service right to your apartment.

You’re thinking about comfort? Don’t forget to check whether the units have air conditioning and if an elevator serves the different floors.

A post office, a library, a foyer and a shuttle to take you to key places in the city could also contribute to your happiness. Some residences also offer a place of worship.

As for sport, maybe you are a fan of morning laps? Choose a residence with a pool! And what better than a well-equipped gym to maintain muscle tone and stay in top form?

You might also appreciate having a hair and beauty salon within your residence.

According to your lifestyle

The new start that moving to a seniors’ residence represents will allow you to completely rethink your lifestyle. Indeed, you might wish to stay in your old neighbourhood or, alternatively, favour proximity to your friends and family. And if your loved ones live far away, why not move cities to be closer to them?

Ask yourself if you prefer animated urban environments or those that are quieter. If contact with nature is important to you, choose a place with green spaces and, why not, a community garden, as is the case in many of our residences, notably those in Valleyfield, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Île-des-Soeurs. If you have a green thumb, you will appreciate the experience of gardening in good company!

Having local shops near your seniors’ residence is also an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is indeed very convenient, especially if you don’t have a car.

Your residence could also offer activities led by professionals and thrill your cinephile heart with movie nights!

Plan a visit

Have you selected several residences that might suit you? Now it’s time for the visits! In order that you remember all of their details, keep you list you previously worked on, which will help you weigh the pros and cons when the time comes to make your final choice of residence. You can also use the list from FADOQ (French only) to help you out.

Don’t hesitate to bring someone close to you who can give you feedback. It is possible that, in the excitement of the moment, you don’t notice this or that detail.

Visit everything and ask questions. All those that you have prepared and others that will come to you spontaneously. It is also advisable to visit the residence at different times of the week and the day in order to clarify your impressions.

Ask for a meal, chat with other residents and get a feel for the atmosphere. Check that the premises are well maintained and that the staff is pleasant and smiling.

Regarding technicalities, pay attention to the lease and its specific clauses, as well as the certificate of compliance. Ask if it’s possible to benefit from specific accommodations and what is foreseen in case of illness or disability.

Last important point: ensure that you are allowed to move in with your pet!

When the time comes to choose a seniors’ residence, you need to be organized and aware of the different steps:

  • Establish your budget
  • Define your needs
  • Plan visits
  • Visit, ask questions and note down all the details

It’s a period rich in emotions and full of excitement, that of creating a tailor-made retirement in a place meant for you, where the big and small joys of an active and invigorating retirement will follow one after the other!




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