Kitchens are often a magical place where something unique happens, between transmission, closeness, and shared happiness. Cooking with our family is not only a joyful and festive activity, but it also offers the opportunity to have conversations with our loved ones and to perpetuate family stories and culinary know-how.

Cook with your grandchildren

It is never too early to learn how to cook! Invite your grandchildren into the kitchen, even if they are very young. Under your supervision, they will be able to do age-appropriate tasks. Why not take the opportunity to buy them children's kitchen utensils? They are adapted for children as early as 3 years old and promote autonomy. No doubt they will be happy to participate and will feel very proud!

Another advantage: by getting involved in the kitchen, children learn about unprocessed foods, where the food comes from, and learn to eat healthy, quality products.

Easy recipes for all ages

It's time to get in the kitchen! We have some easy and delicious recipes for you to try.

Why not try truffles? With only 4 ingredients and 15 minutes to prepare, this Holiday classic is so easy to make. It's child's play!

10 minutes of preparation for 64 pieces of fudge, you have to admit it's worth it. For chocolate fans!

This easy-to-make recipe takes 40 minutes but makes no less than 4 dozen cookies!

This salty and sweet Holiday treat, which takes only 10 minutes to prepare, is original and perfect for an appetizer that will delight young and older alike.

Great refreshing drinks that are delicious and can be made in a blink of an eye, ideal for the whole family. The youngest will be happy to make them and enjoy them as well.


The psychological benefits of cooking

Did you know that cooking also has psychological benefits? It is a creative activity that contributes to improving your mood!

Having family or friends over and cooking for them, as is the case for the Holiday season, allows us to:

  • Connect with those we love
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Develop our confidence

Cooking with your family allows you to share special moments with your loved ones. It is a creative and fun activity passed on from generation to generation. So, get cooking and enjoy!




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