Do you want to have a try at a new hobby or revive an old passion put on hold due to your professional and family life? Think about crafts.

Here are some great activities you can do by yourself, with your partner, your friends, your family members, and your grandchildren in particular. They will contribute to keeping you in good physical and mental health. Discover our ideas!

Craft and creative activities

Engaging in a craft and creative activity is a good way for seniors to age well while remaining active. You will indeed go from discovery to discovery and will be able to: 

  • Experiment with new materials
  • Become familiar with different textures
  • Learn new techniques

Lots of fun ahead!

Floral Art

Interior design attracts you, and you would like to add a natural touch to your home? A good solution would be to initiate yourself with floral art. Fresh or dried flowers and even artificial plants, accessories to highlight them, and you're done. The main idea is to let your imagination and creativity run wild. The composition of bouquets, the making of centerpieces, or even frames with inclusions of dried flowers will embellish your interior. Most of all, you will get a lot of joy out of it.



Model Making

Children are particularly fond of making model airplanes or boats. Why not try it again now that you're retired? To get started, buy kits to assemble, including paints and glue. That is an inexpensive and fun activity that your grandchildren will love to be part of.

Jewelry creation

Learn how to create jewelry, one of the most creative hobbies. You will make all kinds of pieces, not only for yourself but also to offer to your friends and family. Creative hobby stores are full of materials to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, as well as pendants, beads, and ornaments of all styles. The techniques are pretty simple, and your jewelry is sure to be unique and customized!

Scrapbooking / Photo Albums

Think of the good times you will share with your children or grandchildren by sorting your photos and making a beautiful album. It's the perfect family activity, a bit like going on a treasure hunt! Choose a beautiful notebook, glue your photos, and add a little commentary, a date, a place, a reminder of a family hike or a trip. Get colored markers, masking tape, and make a unique album with your family's colors!


Physical and psychological benefits of crafting

Practicing a craft or creative hobby engages a high range of physical and intellectual resources, promoting better overall health.

First of all, in terms of mental health, practicing crafts and letting your creative side speak allows you to set goals and complete projects. In addition to providing a sense of pride and accomplishment, creating something with one's own hands promotes concentration and improves memory.

In terms of physical health, manual skills, and more specifically fine motor skills are involved. These two factors contribute to preventing the aggravation of arthritis and osteoarthritis and help fight against neuro-vegetative diseases such as Alzheimer's.


Discover online crafting

It is possible to learn a craft online, and it is even very trendy! 

There are a lot of training courses that you can take from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Here are two examples of craft activities:

Make soaps at home

Les Mauvaises Herbes offers workshops in soap making and a boutique. The workshops are presented in modules and focus on the fun aspect while not neglecting to introduce safety principles. Imagine the enchantment you will feel when using your personalized soaps!

Learn how to weave

With Tisse et File, learn the ancient art of weaving. The training, consisting of videos, allows you to progress at your own pace and guides you step by step. You will familiarize yourself with the different materials and tools involved in the art of weaving, which you can purchase in the company's boutique section.

Crafts and creative activities are, above all, a source of infinite pleasure. They allow you to spend your free time, to indulge an old or new passion while improving your physical and intellectual capacities. In a word, they boost the quality of life. Try them without further delay!


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