Decluttering is about getting rid of objects that invade our living spaces. Why is it so necessary to regularly sort through our personal belongings? Simply because an untidy, disorganized and overloaded environment is harmful to our overall health. Decluttering is access to a better quality of life.

Why declutter?

Did you know that a cluttered environment is harmful to our physical and mental health?

In a home, many objects, furniture, and accessories can be dangerous. Walking around a coffee table, bumping into a chest of drawers, tripping on electrical wiring, slipping on a carpet...and yet, minimizing the risk of falls in your home is critical for seniors. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to rethink the organization of your furnishings and get rid of some things.

Ask yourself a few specific questions:

  • Is your kitchen inviting enough for you to make homemade recipes and smart food choices?
  • Do you really need as many dishes as a restaurant?
  • Why keep clothes you no longer wear in your closet?

Research on the subject has highlighted the fact that a perpetually cluttered environment causes: 

  • Visual distraction and cognitive overload
  • Physical and physiological changes that:
    • Increase the risk of poor digestion
    • Impede the fight against microbes
    • Increase risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Before taking action, it is important to think about the process so that you don't fall back into old habits. This is how you can declutter in-depth: by putting yourself in the right mindset.

For example, by thinking twice before buying something, you may realize that you don't really need it. This will make you save money.

Plus, less furniture and stuff means less time spent cleaning. A great advantage!

Decluttering tips

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of the task and don't know where to start?

Get some help! Ask someone you know to look around your home with fresh eyes or simply give you a hand to access hard-to-reach places or handle heavy objects.

Set goals for yourself room by room and write them down. Do it in small steps. You don't need to declutter your entire living room in one day. You'll get there, one drawer at a time!

Visualize. Close your eyes and imagine the room when you have removed all the things that make it unwieldy on a daily basis. It will generate an extra dose of motivation.

Sort out the identical objects so as not to get discouraged and to have an efficient method. Are you an avid reader and overwhelmed by books? Room by room, start by gathering them. Then, a good solution could be to keep only the books that are no longer published. Give to a community organization or a bookstore (some buy them and even come and get them) all the books that can be found in libraries.

Say goodbye to those items you keep "just in case" that are broken or orphaned (the notorious stockings).

Throw away anything damaged: Chipped plates, faded clothes, etc.

Donate clothes you haven't worn in a year. You probably don't like them that much anymore if you've forgotten about them. They will most likely make many people happy.

Consider animal shelters to dispose of your old sheets and towels.

Take pictures of things you are getting rid of which have sentimental value. For example, clothes that you loved but that no longer fit.

Decluttering is good for physical and mental health

Reading in the middle of a nightclub is a bit complicated, right? It's impossible to concentrate in such a setting. Even if you like music, it is a noise nuisance in such a context.

It's kind of the same thing with objects, but it's a visual nuisance. It takes away your focus, and even if you are attached to your possessions, they start to take over.

Living in a more uncluttered and therefore better-organized space will give you a breath of fresh air. You'll have more room to complete projects, make that little office corner you've been dreaming of, or why not a fitness area with a yoga mat and some weights. It's all about simplifying your life and taking back the power over your possessions. 

You will quickly see the benefits of this process. Indeed, decluttering :

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Gives you control and a sense of accomplishment
  • Enhances concentration
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces asthma and allergies

In addition to the health benefits, you will save time. No more long hours of cleaning and searching for your things. You'll also find it easier to see what you have. Everything will be at your disposal at a glance. You may also be able to find valuables you've misplaced. Plus, you'll instinctively develop organizational skills and, best of all, you'll spend less money.

Decluttering is beneficial to your overall health. Living in a decluttered house or apartment will lighten your mental load and prevent potential injuries. Take it one step at a time and make it fun. You'll soon see the results on your quality of life!


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