School break is coming soon! Are you looking for activities for your grandchildren? No need to put pressure on yourself. We have it all covered : indoors or outdoors, cultural, creative, gourmet, or sporting ideas. Don't forget that the most important thing is to share moments of closeness with your young ones, whatever their age, in a relaxed and good mood!

During school break, enjoy the outdoors!

The purpose of school break is to escape from the cycle of routine. It's an opportunity to share quality time without always having to keep an eye on the clock. Your grandchildren sometimes have a minister's schedule! The keyword: relaxation. For this, there is no need to plan expensive activities.


Sports activities

Go outside and play! Children are energetic. They need to be outdoors. Caught up in school, homework, and screen time, they may not have the opportunity to take long walks and recharge their batteries outdoors.

Why not simply plan long walks around town or in a park? Rent snowshoes and head out for a fun and sporty activity.

Of course, cross-country skiing and ice skating are also the kings of winter and are accessible from a very early age. You can easily rent them for a reasonable price in parks, such as the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Are you more of a contemplative type? You can encourage your little athletes with a cup of steaming hot chocolate in hand.

What if you were to immerse yourself in the world of childhood? Build a snowman and don't forget to take pictures of your common work!

Cultural activities

Go to the movies! February 7 marks the reopening of movie theatres. Laugh and be moved together, share a bag of popcorn; these moments will remain engraved in your memories.

Be a promoter of culture by showing them that it is accessible. Take your grandkids to a museum. Here are some suggestions:

  • Chocolate Museum in Bromont, Eastern Townships.
    • While touring the museum, you will discover the history of chocolate. In the boutique, you will be able to taste the products.
  • Canadian Museum of History
    • Located in Gatineau, the museum is an architectural marvel. It is the most visited museum in Canada. It has the most comprehensive exhibit on Canadian history, including the world's most extensive collection of totem poles! It includes the Canadian Children's Museum and 2D and 3D films projected on giant screens. Don’t miss it!


  • Musée de la civilisation, in Quebec City
    • It honors the history of Quebec by presenting a variety of exhibitions for all ages and tastes. On the menu: development of winter sports, artificial intelligence, interactive sensory experiences, native culture, and antiquity.

  • Musée POP in Trois-Rivières
    • Presenting Quebec's Folk Culture, it's a very eclectic museum, with exhibits designed to appeal to kids of all ages. You will be able to navigate between the DNA of superheroes, Quebec's wildlife, the day-to-day world at the level of children, the harmony between sports and science or visit the old prison.

Gourmet activities

Would you like to spend time in a unique environment while indulging yourself? Head to a feline café! You and your grandchildren will love the concept. It's like a café, but with cats. Café Félin Ma langue au chats in Quebec City was founded by two former members of the Canadian armed forces. The philosophy behind Ma langue au chats is to offer visitors a haven of peace, with a cottage atmosphere, and to enjoy sweet moments of pet therapy. As a bonus, the owners have just made improvements, including a space dedicated to children.

Sign up your grandchildren for an online cooking workshop. The company  C'est moi le Chef offers young people of all ages the opportunity to be introduced to cooking. The founder insists on education about local and seasonal products, health, innovation, and eco-responsibility!


Organize school break activities at home

  • Les aventuriers du rail
    • For all from 8 years old, the game is played by 2 to 5 people and lasts approximately 40 min. The principle? It takes you back to the construction of the American railroad network, and the goal is to connect as many cities as possible. A multi-awarded game that has quickly become a must-have.
  • Jok-R-Rummy
    • This Quebec card game, designed for young and adult players alike, is based on deduction. Each player receives 13 cards and a challenge to complete. A real success for 25 years!

Why not enjoy the pleasures of gardening? It is indeed planting time. Children love to get their hands in the dirt and are amazed at the magic of nature. When they see their seedlings materialize into plants, it's a guaranteed wow effect!

Another creative, fun, and relaxing activity is simply cooking. Invite your grandchildren into the kitchen and make pancakes, cookies, or pies. In short, anything that you can enjoy together on a fancy table as a reward.

And to make them feel like they're really on vacation, organize a pajama day and pitch a tent in your living room. Sheets, pillows, quilts and blankets, and a string of lights are all you need to create a magical atmosphere that they will remember for a long time!


School break is an opportunity for you and your grandchildren to share moments of connection. With them, enjoy culture, winter sports, gourmet food or simply relax. In other words, have fun!


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