Building relationships comes with better quality of life for people of all ages. It is even more important as we get older to stay in touch with our loved ones and avoid being lonely. Sometimes, small actions come with great benefits. Here are a few examples.

Stop waiting, put our strategies to the test!

The impacts on seniors of an active social life

A quality social life not only makes people happier, but also keeps them healthier for longer. A study conducted at Harvard University over a period of 75 years perfectly illustrates that concept. The results have shown that it is possible to predict who might live longer, be healthier, and most of all happier. How? By Judging the quality of their relationships! This says a lot about the advantages of building relationships with the people around you!

Pay attention to the people you cross paths with

Do you live in a residence? If so, you are in an environment where you are given the chance to meet your neighbours daily during activities and connect with them through your common interests. Don’t hesitate to eat in the dining area once a day. Not only are you guaranteed a perfectly balanced meal, but you will also be delighted with a friendly moment with others!

Whatever the context, making a habit of lifting your gaze, looking at people, smiling, and saying hi are all simple gestures that can go a long way. They are sometimes just what it takes to initiate contact and start a nice conversation that might brighten your day.

Multiply the opportunities to socialize

Catch up with someone every day, whether it be by email, by phone or via social media. We too often wait for others to invite us. Take the first step into multiplying your opportunities to socialize. Are you a fan of cinema? You will certainly find friends who are willing to gather around a good movie. Organize movie or board game nights or start a book club. Be the one who offers their help, invites people over or organizes activities. If you think this is too much work, rest assured! No need to put on a big spread. A friendly atmosphere is more than enough!

Open up to others

Don’t be scared to open up to a friend or an acquaintance about your feelings. By showing your vulnerability through difficult times, you will bring your relationships to the next level. You will feel a stronger bond, and they might very well start opening up to you.

Take part in sport or leisure activities

Whether it be the walking club, petanque games, the community garden, or the indoor pool, there are plenty of leisure activities available to you in our housing complexes. Each one presents an opportunity to meet new people and build relationships around a common interest. So, turn off your television, leave your apartment and enjoy the common areas that will allow you to meet plenty of interesting people.

Stay up to date with new technologies

Social media is a great tool to keep in touch with people who might live far away or to reconnect with loved ones who you haven’t talked to in a while. They are easy to use and will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones. Simply choose your favourite platform, and voilà. If technology is not your cup of tea, you will certainly find someone in your residence who can guide you through the process. We have already uploaded a series of YouTube videos to help you.


The quality of our social life is a non negligible factor of good health and happiness. The opportunities are numerous, especially in a residence. So, don’t wait, engage with others, open up, and you’ll develop precious new friendships that will enrich your life!


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