Once a teacher with a really active lifestyle, moving regularly seems to be the secret behind the legendary smile and great shape of Huguette Lahaie, young octogenarian based at Sélection Île des Soeurs. The one with the nickname “the walker” speaks about her smallest and biggest moments of happiness at Sélection Retraite.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Selection Saint-Augustin?

“I was already living at Sélection Boréal in Val-d’or, and when I visited Sélection Île des Soeurs. I literally fell in love with the pool, the outdoor space and what is there to say about the St Laurent's river and multiple walking trails? I decided to move in immediately.”

Your nickname is “the walker,” why is that?

“Because I am always the first one to accept an invitation for a walk or to land that same invitation. Good health, at 80 years old, is not something everyone can experience… I am happy to be in good shape, and I like to think that my habits are playing a big role in my condition. Besides, this week, there is a “happy hour” party, and I planned on dancing rock and roll. I love to walk, but to dance a lot too.”


What is your best hiking moments spent at Sélection Île des Soeurs?

“During my first Spring spent here, I discovered a new walking trail adjoining the residence. A nice stone path with a wood sidewalk that leads to the river in five minutes. The view I saw there left me speechless. I could see the ice slide on the water at a swift pace. This summer, I decided to follow a new path that was still under construction. It is super close - around 10 minutes - and it resembles a walk in the forest. Very refreshing in all sense of the way. If not, I even try to run here and there when I can.”

How is movement a big part of your happiness? 

“Foremost, I am a happy person at heart, it is natural for me. I always accepted life how it was, while still looking at the bright side of things. I was able to live each step easily that way. Then, moving fills up your time in a really nice way. I am never bored, and I try to share these moments with other residents by inviting them to join me in my adventures.”

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