At Sélection île des Sœurs, retiring and enjoying nature all make sense. While experiencing a picnic near the river organized by the leisure team, Ms. and Mr. Chretien talk about their love for picnics and their new retiring space. Already familiar with the sector, where they raised their five children, the choice of establishing themselves at Sélection île des Sœurs came naturally. Meeting with a duo who is bonded for life.

Tell us about your love for picnics.

“ During our younger days, we were both spending our summers in the country, and we were enjoying picnicking a lot. After that, together, we were able to continue this activity we both love. From our first encounter to our retirement to this particular day...” — Ms. Chrétien and Mr. Chrétien 

What are your favourite places to eat outside? 

“ Closer to here, there is the Cité-du-Havre close to Habitat 67, which has a perfect location and a beautiful view of the water. We took the opportunity to go there with one of our activity leaders, Marie-Lou, and showed the place to everyone”-  Ms. Chrétien. 

“ In the past, we once lived in a house with no balcony. As a way to create an outdoor “charcoal,” we created a small secret space located near the water in Verdun. We would bring tiny scissors to get rid of branches that would block our way, and we would settle down with all of our material. As well as having a BBQ, we would also bring a folding table.”  — M. Chrétien. 

“ There are a lot of small hidden sites to discover and to improvise a meal in nature. We would not go through what we were doing 20 years ago. Times have changed! In contrast, the enjoyment of savoring a meal outside never left us.” — Ms. Chrétien

What is the key to enjoying a perfect picnic? 

“ A homemade happy hour drink! It’s essential and we, in fact, have it with us today… Here, in our little backpack, we have two glasses, some spicy tomato juice, and vodka. It’s always has been our tradition, and it did not end with our retirement. Cheers!”

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