Choosing a retirement residence is a major stage in life. If you need help to identify your requirements and the residence that would suit you, read our article “What are the criteria for choosing the right seniors’ residence?” Leaving your house or lodging is not easy so you need to get all your ducks in a row to make this transition a smooth one.

And since you’re moving to a residence and are retired, you’re no longer geographically constrained by work. New possibilities are opening up for you. Now is the time to rethink your life for the better!

The best time to move to a seniors’ residence

Being in charge of a house and its upkeep can become tiring and boring. Of course, gardening can bring you a lot of satisfaction, and perhaps, once spring arrives, you enjoy relaxing on your porch contemplating the flower beds on your property. But at what cost?

Between cleaning, essential renovations, the lawn to mow or dead leaves to collect, a good part of your life is spent on these time-consuming tasks at the expense of your well-being. You are, of course, attached to your house, your condo or your apartment – that’s completely normal. It is a place full of memories.

However, how about creating new memories, right now, as a young retiree?

Imagine that you could let go all the chores and spend that time on pleasant activities and enjoy the benefits of active retirement and well-deserved comfort. If, in addition, the real estate market was favourable for you, this could be an added reason to encourage you to take the plunge. Weigh up your options and talk to a real estate broker. They will be there for you on this adventure.

The residence that’s best for you awaits you. You will be safe, and you can say goodbye to housework and meal preparation if you want, when you want. Not to mention the fact that you will surely make new friends! You will quickly appreciate how much freedom you’ve gained!

But for that to happen, you first have to plan for this transition, which is the move.

Planning the stages of your move

Even if it means moving away, why not radically change the environment? Have you ever thought about moving to another city? This could be the chance to be closer to your family or friends, or to simply live the dream of moving to a city you discovered on vacation that you particularly love.

To help you in this choice, don’t hesitate to involve your family and friends. They will be delighted to be part of this new stage in your life! Plus, getting an outside opinion is always helpful as it allows us to consider things we might not have thought of.

First thing to do: list your house or condo for sale or don’t renew the lease at your lodging. A difficult but necessary step. Be prepared, because once on the market, your house or condo could sell faster than expected.

Have you now chosen the residence that meets your needs? Here’s what will help you get organized amidst all the hustle and bustle of this transition to your new life.

Declutter your home

It’s likely that your new apartment will have very different characteristics from your current home. Therefore, you will have to decide which furniture and personal effects you want to take with you. Keep in mind that many residences offer the five appliances included in your rental agreement so you may therefore have to get rid of yours. Ask the rental advisor who helped you sign your lease.

It’s time to sort through things. Whether in your closet or in storage boxes in the basement, among your knick-knacks or your furniture, you will be relieved to make the move a light one! Take the opportunity to pass on family souvenirs to your children or grandchildren, and donate what you can to neighbourhood community organizations. Need a financial boost? Sell household items and furniture pieces that are still valuable; you can easily advertise them on platforms like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.

Once your house has been cleared of clutter, it’s time for major cleaning and minor cosmetic repairs.

In order to speed up the sale of your home, you can try Home Staging techniques. This means de-personalizing your home in order that potential buyers, when they visit, can imagine themselves in it and already feel at home. Remove family photos, most of the ornaments, and ensure that your decor is as neutral and generic as possible.

Say goodbye to the car!

If, depending on where you lived, the car was a must, know that all our residences are located near transportation services. A real advantage! Public transport will be close at hand if you want to walk around town outside of the neighbourhood. And don’t forget Communauto, which can be a very good compromise!

Claim your new living space

You have worked hard and you have been rewarded: your house has sold. Once again, enlist the help of those close to you to shop for the best movers for you, and request multiple quotes. Don’t hesitate to ask your rental advisor for assistance; the residences benefit from agreements with moving companies allowing you to save big.

Finally, the time has come to pack your boxes. You’re pleased you got rid of your unnecessary or bulky things, right?

D-Day, all goes well and you can finally take possession of your new lodging. All that remains is for you to calmly position your effects and start to taste the pleasures of your new life and all the services you get to enjoy!

We have seen in this article that making the move to a seniors’ residence has many advantages, especially that of moving in when you are in good shape, in order to enjoy a lot of quality time.

This transition to a new life requires good planning, and will involve decluttering your home and following decorating tips in order to sell faster. You can then enjoy your new home for an active and serene life!


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