Of course, aging depends on genetics, but diet, smoking and lifestyle habits have a direct influence on it. Did you know that a positive state of mind would have an impact on aging?

In this article, we will:

  • Explore the correlation between positivism and aging well;
  • Familiarize ourselves with the scientific basis of the effects of positive thinking on aging;
  • Learn steps to put in place today to cultivate positivism.

So many easy-to-learn tips aimed at improving the well-being of seniors and which are a good means of prevention of many ailments. We are on the way on this journey to optimism!


Being optimistic helps you age well

Science has shown that being optimistic is good for your health! 


An American study on aging in fact confirmed the power of positive thinking on the body. Scientists from the Exeter Medical School demonstrated that people who feel old will grow old more quickly than those who have a positive vision of old age. Would you like to further develop your optimism? Here is a way to practise it:

Your thoughts act directly on your body. Do the following exercise:

  • Sit comfortably, then close your eyes. Think of a happy memory or visualize an enjoyable moment and you will feel the calming effect on your body. Positive thinking proves particularly effective in decreasing stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

Optimism can even prevent certain illnesses and health problems as we age. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, people who are fundamentally positive will see their risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke plummet by 50%. The results of another study published in 2018 in the scientific journal Plos One demonstrated that the risks of dementia decrease in people who view aging positively by lowering the risk of one of the genetic risk factors for dementia.

As you grow older, it is even more important not to imagine yourself as old and sick, but rather to entertain positive thoughts about yourself which will have a concrete impact on how you age.

Based on their analyses of 29 seniors, researchers at the Exeter Medical School came to the conclusion that dispelling negative preconceptions about aging could have an impact on the body and on the overall state of health. Leading a quality active life as you age also means looking at aging positively.


Cultivate your positive thinking

Rest assured that even people with more pessimistic natures can develop a more optimistic attitude. Numerous techniques for positive thinking can be put into practice to achieve this.

The psychologist Barbara Fredrickson of the University of North Carolina has demonstrated that you can improve physical and mental health simply by devoting a few minutes a day to positive thinking.

Here are a few ways to apply positive thinking:

  1. Start your day with a moment of gratitude for this beautiful day that is about to begin.
  2. Increase your opportunities to have fun.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good.
  4. End each day by noting the positive that you have taken from it.
  5. Take the time to enrich your social life.
  6. Chase away your negative thoughts as soon as they surface.
  7. Give others and yourself your best smile.
  8. In full view in your home, place photos or quotes that make you smile and make you feel happy.

Don’t forget that growing old is a privilege you should take advantage of every day!

Moreover, Voltaire said it a long time ago: “I have decided to be happy because it is good for your health.”


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