A kinesiologist is a movement expert who improves an individual’s physical condition. His three areas of intervention are:

  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance

Being the most recently recognized health professional, the kinesiologist’s mission is still sometimes unrecognized.

We spoke with Marc-André Renaud, kinesiologist and president of Kinélite, a company specializing in kinesiology services for seniors, to better understand the role of the kinesiologist. Their miracle cure? Move more!

The kinesiologist’s mission

According to the website of the Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec, the kinesiologist is a health professional, a specialist in physical activity, who uses movement for the purposes of prevention, treatment and performance.

We are one of the only health professionals dedicated to prevention. We can prevent both future injuries and potential loss of mobility by changing lifestyle habits and physical activity” explains Renaud.

Following a complete assessment of the patient’s physical condition, the kinesiologist will prescribe exercises and movements to be done and will advise changes in lifestyle habits if needed.

Prevention: a real benefit for seniors

Following an injury, the kinesiologist can help you reduce pain and gradually resume your physical activities. The treatments are equally beneficial following surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, for heart, lung or cardiovascular disease, and even following cancer. “After chemotherapy treatments, patients have no more breath, no more muscle mass, and have often experienced serious weight loss” specifies Renaud.

In addition, kinesiology can be practiced in preparation for surgery, working on physical fitness to better recover afterward.
People don’t necessarily think about it, but we can help them greatly with an upcoming operation to make recovery and rehabilitation easier and faster. The person in good physical condition is going to recover much more easily” he adds.

How kinesiology increases performance

According to Renaud, the kinesiologist’s goal is to increase the athletic performance of their patients, depending on their age. Athletic performance is, of course, not at all the same for an athlete as for a senior. Putting on your socks on your own, getting up from your chair without a cane, going about your daily routine without help, taking walks and continuing to practice your favorite sport are only a few examples of situations where the kinesiologist can help you.

Promotion of health and healthy lifestyles

Kinesiologists are committed to promoting health and healthy lifestyles. They wish to develop pleasure in activity for their clients. According to Renaud, the most beneficial changes for those 55 and older include:

  • Adding more weight training in their workout,
  • Reduce harmful sugars and increase quality protein intake.

Finally, it's all about daring to change. Everyone can benefit from it, regardless of age.

Kinesiologists can also play a major role in mental health. Psychologists are referring more and more of their patients to kinesiologists. Don’t forget that physical activity is one of the best cures for depression.
Indeed, practicing a physical activity allows you to stay in the present moment since you focus on your experience. Achieving a sports goal also creates a sense of satisfaction and increases your self-esteem.

In short, kinesiologists are experts in the science of movement. Whether it is for prevention, rehabilitation, or performance, kinesiology confirms the unmatched benefits of physical activity. It also shows us that it is never too late to start moving!



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