There is no age limit to learning, no matter the chosen field. The advantage of being retired is that it is no longer an obligation but a choice. The one dictated by your heart. Whether it’s taking music lessons, learning a foreign language or enrolling at a University of the 3rd Age, the resulting satisfaction will go beyond your expectations. Nothing but happiness in view!

Take music classes

We have all heard the adage according to which music soothes the savage breast. Did you know that this expression is based on scientific facts? In fact, numerous studies have shown the effects of listening to or playing music on overall well-being.

The effects of music on overall well-being

Already, some 5,000 years ago, sound was used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine to treat different illnesses. What the modern world has managed to identify is that music triggers the production of several substances that influence our mood, such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and adrenalin.

So, what effects do these substances have? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter of desire, serotonin has antidepressant effects, endorphins induce well-being and euphoria, and adrenalin is analgesic, euphoric and initiates energy. We can therefore understand to what extent our body is in harmony with music and that the latter is a source of joie de vivre. Isn’t it a wonderful activity, then, that will help you age in health and remain young at heart?

Which instrument to choose?

Do you want to give it a try? You may be wondering which instrument to choose and what type of course would suit you best. Follow your heart because there is something for every taste! Guitar and piano are the most common because they give quick results. In only a few days it is possible to master chords and play very simple melodies. How satisfying, right? Remember, there is no age limit for learning to play a musical instrument. And, as a small bonus, this activity promotes memory and improves cognitive faculties!

Where can i take an online music class?

It all depends on the budget you wish to set for it. If you have already bought your keyboard or your guitar, maybe you don’t want to spend any more money. Nothing could be simpler: on YouTube, a multitude of free tutorials await, thanks to which you can practice and learn all the steps to familiarize yourself with your instrument. 

Do you want to take a professional music class? A good Zoom connection and you’re good to go. The cherry on the sundae is that you can make it a couple’s activity!


Learn a new language

Why not learn a new language? Here is a very fun activity! Do you know the Duolingo app? It is free and allows you, from your computer, tablet or cellphone, to choose a foreign language (the choice is vast) and lets you guide yourself. Fun and effectiveness guaranteed!

Another option is to make a call to a tutor, or private teacher, with whom you can converse from the comfort of your home. Lingoda (and we’re sure many others) offer this possibility. Another option is to make it a shared activity with another retiree in your residence. Practicing together will motivate you in your learning and will also be a lot of fun.

Understanding and speaking a foreign language is wonderful, but let’s not forget that this is notably part of artistic culture or food. Are you learning Spanish? Why not seize the opportunity to interest yourself in the history of the country, watch movies in the original Spanish version or read books by Hispanic writers?

Also take the opportunity to discover a new way of cooking and feast on new dishes!

The University of the 3rd Age offers you a hand

Have you ever thought about the University of the 3rd Age (U3A)? There you can find various activities and classes to be taken remotely.

Many universities offer U3A in Quebec, such as McGill School of Continuing Studies, Laval University and Sherbrooke University: you will see that the courses offered range from history to social sciences to philosophy, computer science, music or creative writing, and much more! And why not combine a creative writing class with the pleasures and the benefits of handwriting

As we have seen, these days there are numerous ways to learn remotely, and in any field!

We have emphasized learning music or a foreign language because these activities are a source of well-being and enrich our world.

There is no age limit for first times so don’t hesitate and take the plunge. Your mind and your body will thank you!



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