Known to be a dynamic duo, Ms and M Poulin are in better shape than ever since their arrival at Sélection St-Augustin. Keen supporters of qi gong classes, we meet them after their weekly session that is offered here in their complex. They were therefore fresh and relaxed to answer all of our questions.

Since when are you attending qi gong classes? 

“ Before arriving at Sélection St-Augustin, I was already practicing qi gong thanks to some classes I was following on television. I was training alone at my house. My husband wasn’t really into it, but he is now attending every class.” — Ms. Pruneau

“ At first, I was attending without any expectations, and I can finally say I love it! Time flies when you move. If you want to age gracefully, you have to act accordingly.” — M. Poulin


Are you experiencing any positive effects in between classes? 

“ It helps with relaxation since it includes breathing exercises, and I would say it decreases my risk of injury with every stretching and movement. My favourite part of the class is when we stimulate acupuncture spots with a unique brush, it activates blood flow, and it feels terrific. Sélection St-Augustin class is a mix between qi gong, reflexology, and autoacupuncture spots. In the time frame of an hour, we work on these three different techniques.” — Ms. Pruneau 

“ Before arriving at Sélection St-Augustin, we were training in a gym three times a week. You can keep up with the active life you already had. We even find that since we got here, we are more active than ever. Sitting down and doing nothing is not for us. They tell us, during qi gong classes, that it helps push away the old age.” — M. Poulin 

Between two qi gong classes, you can find the Pruneau-Poulin duo at the aqua fitness class and at the gym.

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