Playing means creating spaces of freedom, expression, joy, and well-being for ourselves and the people around us. Magical, isn't it? Why not use the time your retirement offers to rediscover this youthful pleasure? Between board games and those that engage the body, you will find the ones you like. Don't wait any longer, have fun while staying active. You'll soon see the benefits to your overall health!

Board games boost seniors' cognitive vitality

Can board games really have a positive impact on our cognition? Absolutely! They stimulate memory and logic and thus help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Do you play cards every day with your partner? Without even realizing it, you are preserving your memory.

In addition to enabling you to escape from your daily hassles, board games put your imagination in motion, thus stimulating your creativity. Let's not forget the development of general knowledge! You can learn at any age. Question and answer games are perfect for this.

Playing develops seniors' mobility

Physical activity is the best way to age well. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to play while working out? Here are some examples:


  • Take an aqua-gym class with some friends
  • Go to the pool with your grandchildren and enjoy the accessories at your disposal
  • Go bowling. Even in your living room, you can enjoy this hobby. Get plastic pins and a ball. You'll have a lot of fun!
  • Play frisbee in the snow!


In short, all these activities will improve your muscle tone and blood circulation, keep your bones strong and allow your body to be more flexible and mobile.


Playing promotes socialization for seniors

One of the most important benefits of incorporating games into your routine is improving socialization. Playing helps prevent isolation, whether with a life partner, friends, or family members.

It's also a terrific way to break the generational gap and strengthen family ties. Share playtime with your grandchildren. They will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Did you know that participating in recreational activities helps maintain and improve mental health? When we play, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin. Positive feelings and a good mood are the results!

5 examples of board games

But what board games should you keep at hand so that you are never caught off guard?

  • Card games are obviously a safe bet. Classic cards, Tarot... The possibilities are endless: Bridge, Gin-Rummy, Tarot, Canasta, Belote, etc.
  • I should have known that: A Q&A game with 110 cards and more than 400 questions about things that... you should have known.
  • Museum Pictura (game in French only): This game, co-published by a Quebec company, takes you back to the 1920s to build a collection of prestigious works of art. Original and beautiful.
  • Scrabble: Impossible to miss! You'll never get tired of it.
  • Sudoku: A nice little brainstorm to enjoy with your morning coffee!

Don't forget to play. Have fun with family and friends. You won't regret it. Whether you prefer sports or board games, you'll give your cognitive, mental, and physical health a boost!


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