Living in a seniors’ residence doesn’t mean being isolated; quite the contrary. Despite the current situation and the new quarantine measures, it is absolutely possible to stay in touch with loved ones. Video conferences, online board games or sending handwritten letters, all these methods of communication are a real bonus for well-being that will act like balm for the heart.

Enjoy your loved ones by taking advantage of video conferencing

The pandemic situation has forced everyone to rethink their communication methods and, where suitable, to appropriate new technological tools. When we begin to see our loved ones in person again, these new habits will always remain a part of our daily lives. 

The use of video-conferencing platforms has exploded for the entire Quebec population, but also for seniors! That is what a study by ATN (the Académie de la transformation numérique) has revealed, the main conclusions of which figure in an excellent article in Les Affaires (article in French), which specifies in particular that, for almost all Quebecers over 65, new technologies have considerably contributed to improving their quality of life.

While teleworkers must now interact with their colleagues via a screen, compliance with safety regulations also forces seniors to invite computers, tablets or cellphones into their daily lives, notably for the greater pleasure of their grandchildren.


Video conferences for retirees: a well-being tool

Entering this digital universe is very fun. One click suffices to send your most amusing photos or videos to your family or friends. There is no need to strive for quality at any cost. Why not take the opportunity to give free rein to your imagination and photograph your cat’s acrobatics or film your favourite recipes? Above all, be spontaneous!

There is a multitude of free platforms and apps that the staff of your residence will be happy to explain to you. After that, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime or WhatsApp will no longer be a secret to you.

Having said that, video conferences are special. They really allow you to feel closer to those you love and miss. You can share Sunday brunch, help your grandchildren with their homework and, even if nothing can replace a hug, it allows for great flexibility. Are you a confident grandparent? Then you can talk to your teenager, console and advise at any time. It’s a very precious asset.

They promote social interactions, better mental health and improved overall well-being that allows you to remain eternally young at heart. Statistics show that for 81% of Quebecers over 65, digital communication technology has been a positive factor in breaking isolation.

In which context to use video conferencing?


We saw a few everyday situations above. They could go on into infinity. Indeed, you can teach your grandchildren how to make their favourite cake recipe, do a craft workshop with them, or cook with friends.

Why not also attend a drawing class with your loved ones? There is no doubt that a shared artistic activity will be unforgettable on both sides.

Share your knowledge, your experience, establish new routines. The virtual isn’t only an alternative, it also has an advantage. It allows you to share important moments with your loved ones, even if it’s late, cold out or you live on the other side of the province.

Discover online board games

Did you know that you can rediscover the fun of board games online? Relaxation and laughter are on the program! There is no doubt that you will rediscover the pleasure of disputed games with friends like when you were a child or teenager.

Here are two examples of games available online: 

  • Uno: cult card game, you can even invite friends to join you;
  • Skribbl: a sort of online Pictionary. The goal? To draw with your mouse and make your playing partners guess the words.

You can also start a video conference with your family and play a board game. Monopoly or question-answer games; you can designate the person of your choice to move the pawns or draw the cards for you.

Are you looking for ideas for online activities or would you like to familiarize yourself a little more with the digital universe? Stay tuned, we are preparing technology capsules for you!

Write a handwritten letter

The letter has become a bit obsolete, it’s true. It fell into disuse in the age of the email. But even the email has been supplanted by text messages, short and concise, that get straight to the point.

And yet… the handwritten letter has its advantages. Why not teach epistolary pleasures to your grandchildren? Teach them to chose nice stationery or to make their own with decorations. Guide them in their choice of markers or fountain pen.

What’s more, writing by hand allows you to take your time. It’s an activity in its own right which offers the opportunity to dream, to apply oneself, to concentrate. It’s even a bit meditative. Speaking of which, if you haven’t already read it, you will certainly like our article on therapeutic writing.

With these three tips that we have shared, namely video conferences, online board games and handwritten letters, we hope to have given you new avenues to explore, which will allow you to enjoy some marvelous moments with your family and friends.

Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments which activity you enjoy and which brings you closer to those you love!




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