Reading is in itself an invitation to travel. To read is to accept being carried away in a world of multiple discoveries. It means opening up and meeting other people.

Of course, travel books incite us to escape, but they are not the only ones. Words evoke sensations and traveling through reading allows us to feel a deep sense of well-being. Are you ready to go on an adventure with us?


How can you travel through reading?

Who hasn't felt like a kid around Christmas when opening a new book? Whether you prefer the charm of paper books, the convenience of e-readers, or even audiobooks, before everything, a book is a story.

Opening a new book is like boarding a ship and crossing an ocean of surprises. It’s an opportunity to experience adventures, dream, and be challenged by the unexpected.

There are no limits with books. They are this amazing source of freedom that allows you to:

  • Go to the other side of the world and discover different cultures
  • Travel through time
  • Immerse yourself in imaginary, futuristic, or fantasy worlds

All this, only through words. The words that make the characters of a novel come to life, become real, made of flesh and blood, just like us. The situations they experience make us shiver, laugh, or cry. We identify with them.

Did you know that our brain makes no difference between an emotion we experience in real life, and an emotion we experience by reading or watching a movie? Neuroscientists have proven this. It may explain why we are so addicted to stories.

Feeling emotions while reading means letting our mind immerse itself in a different world. Perhaps is this the very definition of travel?

Besides, reading is good for health! Why should we do without it?


Travel by diversifying your readings

You can picture yourself already:

  • Hiking through the trails of that National Park you've always dreamed of visiting.
  • Taking your bike out for a weekend road trip down the river.
  • Sipping a refreshing, sparkling, and colorful cocktail on that southern beach all your friends have been talking about.

Thinking of a getaway? It's time to plan your trip. Your bookseller will be able to advise you on guides and reference books. Traveling by reading is also about that.

Every type of book is an opportunity to travel. Diversifying your readings allows you to explore new literary horizons. You like biographical or autobiographical stories? Whether they portray actors, musicians, scientists, politicians, contemporary or not, you will definitely find those that will satisfy your curiosity.


You want to escape? Here are a few novel suggestions

  • L'Idole (Louise Desjardins) Quebec
    We follow Eveline, a retired woman, on a self-discovery journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A touching, poetic, and optimistic story, it is an ideal summer read!
  • Wild (Cheryl Strayed) USA 
    This autobiography takes us on the longest American trail, the Pacific Crest Trail (over 2485 miles!). The author goes on a brave self-discovery journey in this emotional book.

  • Eat Pray Love (Elisabeth Gilbert) USA
    In this autobiographical story, Elisabeth Gilbert takes us with her in her quest for identity through Italy, India, and Indonesia. Moving, funny and colorful, this little gem warms the heart. (The book was turned into a movie)

  • Au-delà des illusions (Duong Thu Huong) Vietnam
    In this novel with a historical context, the author tells us the story of a young schoolteacher, married and mother, ready to sacrifice the comfort of her life for her ideals, all in the post-Vietnam War era. It is moving, instructive, and written in an enchanting style.

  • The Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan) USA
    In this almost autobiographical novel, the author, an American of Chinese descent, tells the story of two generations of women and the ties that bind them, between modernity and the weight of tradition. A fascinating novel that launched Amy Tan's prolific career. (The book was turned into a movie)


Reading helps us travel. It allows our mind to escape and triggers our imagination through visualization and identification.

Whether you prefer novels, stories, essays, or poetry, be sure you'll find your ideal travel destination!


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