In 2020, Quebecers massively encouraged local industry during the Holiday season. It's time to keep the momentum going in 2021. Stimulating the local economy strengthens community ties. It also promotes a human relationship between retailers and consumers and has a positive impact on the environment.

If you buy local, you will be sure to give original and unique gifts. Whether it's designer jewelry or clothing, natural beauty products, or gourmet treats, your loved ones will be pleased and proud to contribute to supporting local businesses.


Gift ideas for the whole family

Quebec designer Noémie Vaillancourt is behind the brand Noemiah. If you're looking for feminine, minimalist, and eco-responsible clothing, jewelry, and accessories, you will be thrilled. The whole range of items is full of poetry and charm.

Lambert is a brand of vegan leather bags and accessories. Their eco-friendly designs are stylish and affordable, timeless, and appealing to all styles.

Groom is a company that focuses on men's care products. Shampoos, face creams, or beard care, all-natural and made in Canada.

Winter is the perfect time of year to buy the comforting items from Boutique Art Inca. All their products are made of alpaca wool. You'll enjoy keeping your feet warm for those cozy evenings on the sofa. Art Inca also offers blankets, toques, scarves, ponchos, and other accessories.

Coffee specialist Café Pista, with its four branches in Montreal alone, offers to buy its bewitching name flavors from Latin American countries on-site or online. In addition, the company offers workshops, including online, on the art of making coffee. If you want to prepare a beautiful latté, why not take the Art-latté course?

Still, in the delicacies department, the chocolate factory État de choc is a temple of chocolate, highlighted like a work of art. Chocolate cards, Advent calendars, bars with varied and colorful packaging, everything is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Les minettes, or Les marchandes de gourmandises, is a gourmet boutique located in Laval that also offers its products in numerous outlets in Quebec. The two founders promote a variety of local products that will enchant your meals.


Make your own gift

How about making your own gift? Sharing an experience with a loved one as a gift is always appreciated. For example, you can make soaps or candles during a workshop. The icing on the cake is that you leave with your own handmade and personalized products.

Here are some examples of companies that offer workshops: 

La Sourcière offers soap classes in person but also online. No need for sophisticated equipment or hard-to-find ingredients. The resources in your kitchen are enough!

Herbalism school Les âmes fleurs offers virtual candle-making workshops using 100% natural and organic ingredients. Les âmes fleurs is also an online store where you can buy everything you need to make candles: plants, containers, and accessories.

Support local businesses

Buying local is an opportunity to encourage the Quebec economy in all sectors: food, wellness, artistic, decorative, or services. The 2020 situation has led to a great wave of consumer support for Quebec businesses. You may have had the opportunity to store online on the following platforms: Le Panier Bleu, Idées Cadeaux Québec,or Aliments du Québec. Don't miss the occasion to go back this year or to discover them. You can find little treasures that will please your family and friends.

Don't forget Christmas markets starts now, make sure to swing by and discover local artisan. Here is a fun place in Montreal, right in the Quartier des spectacles.

Online shopping

In 2020, the entire population of Quebec got into the habit of ordering their purchases online. The practice has become entrenched for the benefit of all, especially seniors, who avoid many unnecessary and sometimes dangerous trips during the winter season. After all, what could be more convenient? It is necessary to take simple safety precautions before shopping online. But once you have done that, go ahead, you'll see, it will change your life!

However, due to the current supply delays and the high volume of orders as the Holiday approaches, don't wait to do your shopping. Don't hesitate to buy your gifts online now!


You are now well equipped to do your Holiday shopping! Don't forget to support the local economy by visiting local businesses, in-store or virtually. You can also offer an experience as a gift, such as the making of artisanal products. Either way, it's a safe bet that the presents you put under the tree in 2021 will be custom-made for your loved ones!


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