You would like to sing but never dared? Maybe because you are shy or think you don't have enough talent? However, don't deprive yourself of this pleasure. It doesn't matter if you are alone, in the shower or in your car, in a group or a choir, singing is good for your health! Probably even more than you might think. Even if you've never sung before. It's never too late to start!

The power of singing

People who sing regularly will probably all tell you the same thing. The benefits are the same as physical activity. You can arrive at a practice exhausted and come out energized. Most importantly, in high spirits. In addition, you can feel the benefits of singing in several aspects of your being.

Singing engages the whole body

We all know that the voice is generated by the vocal cords. But did you know that, when we sing, almost every muscle in our body is involved?

  • Facial muscles: they help keep wrinkles at bay and maintain a youthful appearance.
  • The muscles related to breathing, such as those of the ribs for instance. Just having to stand up straight involves muscles that are often less in demand because we neglect our posture. The abdominal and back muscles are a perfect example.
  • Même les jambes sont en demande lorsqu’on chante debout. Singing is, therefore, a way to build muscle and help keep your youthfulness almost effortlessly.
  • You can even improve your lung capacity, as certain types of yoga allow.

Singing also boosts immune system! Researchers at the Imperial College of London have come to some surprising conclusions. By studying the singers of different choirs, they identified a better immune response after they had sung. They would, therefore, be better prepared to face several diseases, including some cancers.

Singing even allows to burn calories. You can lose up to 136 calories in one hour.

In addition to all these benefits, you'll be happy to know that singing is also good for digestion and improves sleep, which tends to decrease for the elderly.

Singing releases emotions

For some, singing is like shouting. It allows us to free ourselves from negative energies and tensions that we accumulate inside and to externalize them. And there is no age limit for this. Even very young children can be taught to use singing to control their impulsiveness. We all have emotions and that is normal. Singing helps us learn to channel our energies. For seniors, it can also be a way to express themselves.

Singing affects our mood. It improves the joy of living. It's a kind of medicine for the soul, simple, free, that you can always carry with you, wherever you go. A way to stay young at heart. Some people have even turned it into a discipline called singing therapy.

A scientific study even shows that music can make us experience up to 13 different types of emotions, regardless of our culture or nationality. It's up to us to find out which music makes us feel better, according to our needs at any given moment.

H3 The influence of singing on the mind

Singing is a way to work on your memory and therefore contribute to improving it. Whether it is by learning new songs or by repeating the ones you already know. Scientists who study the influence of music on the brain have even proven that playing a musical instrument can modify its structure and thus keep it young. And singing is like playing a musical instrument!

In addition, cortisol levels and anxiety decrease when you sing. And since singing is a way of expressing ourselves, we gain self-confidence! In France, several geriatric departments use music therapy to improve the memory, energy level, and seniors' joie de vivre.

We even can compare singing and meditation. Singing requires staying focused on the voice, breathing, and the rhythm of the music score. It is impossible to think of anything else. We empty our minds and forget all our little and big worries.

Singing in a choir

Does choral singing remind you of Sunday mass? That's true, but it's much more than that. Nowadays, choirs sing everything, for every taste. And you don't have to be an experienced singer! After all, no one will ask you to be a soloist from the start.

To join a choir, you must love to sing. You don't have to be a professional singer, but you do have to sing in tune. No need to read music either. Many choirs sing ‘‘by ear’’.

What you need is the willingness to sing. Then, find a choir in which you feel good. And all that's left is to dare to step in. Not only will you meet new people, but choral singing is even better for your health!

Singing in a choir breaks isolation

One of the great benefits of a choir is to break isolation. You will have that opportunity to get together weekly, maybe even several times a week, with other music and singing enthusiasts. There's room for everyone. Whether you're a loner or a born leader, you'll find your place in the group as a soloist or a backup singer. It's a chance for the shy or introverted to transform themselves for the time of a song. And the feeling of belonging is crucial for humans! The brains of the people who are part of a choir release oxytocin, a beneficial hormone linked to attachment and trust.

Choral singing is said to help reduce the risks of depression. It is a good activity that implies discipline and gives meaning to one's days. It is even more true when you are retired and no longer have to go to work. It is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Singing helps maintain the social network and feel useful, like when you were working. Choral singing provides joy and many psychological benefits not only for us but for our singing partners and the audience. It can be stressful to sing in front of others, but how rewarding to share our positive energy with them. Self-confidence strives forward!

Singing in front of an audience

You may be singing for family members or friends. But it can also be for strangers or public figures if your choir becomes popular. Why not sing for festive events like weddings?

It is an opportunity to meet new people or befriend others you've met before but don't really know. The intense emotions sometimes felt while singing encourage closeness. You can make friends with people you would never have met otherwise. You also can meet people from other countries or cultures who will make you discover their native land and music.


In short, sing in your shower, car, a choir, or for your partner, but don't miss this opportunity! It's free, accessible to all, and above all, it's good for the heart, the body, and the soul. So why do without it?

In addition to helping you stay young, happy, and healthy, singing may allow you to meet interesting people and open up to the world.

So, what would you like to hum today?


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