Alma constantly challenges herself!

Age: 78 years old
Favourite activity: Taking up new challenges

People think that at 78 years of age, you can’t do anything anymore. That’s not true!
- Alma Soucy

Alma Soucy lives in what she calls “the house of joy”. She has to pinch herself to make sure her happiness isn’t a dream.

with Alma

Sélection Retraite

How do you see retirement?


I try to surpass myself, to accomplish things that seem impossible. My grandchildren are my greatest motivation. I want to show them that Grandma is up to the challenge.

Sélection Retraite

What do you like the most about life at the residence?


People listen to us here. We take group walks, have fun, tell each other stories and encourage each other. Everyone smiles. Everyone is happy.

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