Claude and Lucille

« Being a couple really helped us through this.»

The Story of Claude et Lucille


We still have a zest for life and that didn’t change during the quarantine. We didn’t have time to get bored! One of the pastimes that we rediscovered was housework [laughs].

We weren’t worried during the pandemic as the staff felt calm and well organized. The safety measures were harsh but necessary. That inspired confidence! We received daily updates from management telling us how things were going. We appreciated seeing that Sélection Retraite thought to offer the Telemedicine application more quickly so that we could easily talk to a doctor or a nurse for reassurance during the pandemic.

We were offered treats two times a week, dancing, concerts, etc. We felt that we weren’t let down. We could have visits from our children on Mother’s Day and a bit of chitchat in the parking lot while wearing masks and respecting the two-metre distancing.

We kept active since we could walk in the corridors and outside when the nice weather returned. We stretched every day but couldn’t wait to get back in the pool and the gym.

We used FaceTime a lot with our friends and our family to keep in touch. We have always been very comfortable with technology and it has been very useful. We rediscovered the simple pleasures of life, like when I was able to get the car out of the garage and go get a haircut [laughs].

Claude Caron and Lucille Lalonde

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