Diane Duval


I never get bored.

I have a lot of friends here and I am always busy. I am part of a knitting group, I do puzzles with a neighbour who is better than me [laughs], and I adore the aqua fitness classes, which are so good for my legs.

Despite the recreation break during the quarantine, the animation staff didn’t let us down. Our animator Renaud had us play socially distanced Bingo using a camera installed in the entry, and had us do exercises in the corridor. He is really excellent. Josée Lavigueur came to the exterior of the residence to make us get moving. That was such a treat!

I manage very well with my computer and my tablet. I made calls with Messenger to see my daughters and my granddaughter who is in the U.S.

The residence nurse phoned us regularly to hear our news. Meals were served at our door and a neighbour came to knock on my door with some fudge to boost my morale. Even the firemen and trucks came with their sirens on and went around the residence to buck us up. What a surprise!

I received a message from Bernard Derome, the former Radio-Canada journalist, thanks to an initiative by the FADOQ to stop the isolation of the elderly. That made my day and I will remember it for a long time.

I knit at home to keep myself busy. I am making a beautiful baby coverlet for my great-granddaughter, who will be born this autumn. I can’t wait to see her! I did mandala colouring, I love that. I decorated my door with rainbows and for special occasions at Easter and on April 1st. You have to have a little fun.

Diane Duval

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