Giannina Mercier-Gouin


“I consider myself lucky to be here.”

During the quarantine, my life continued as usual. I adore being at home. I crochet, I play Scrabble on the computer, I answer my email and I listen to a lot of music. I have always been in good spirits so I kept up my good habits [laughs].

Meals were brought to my door. Each time, people were smiling and so nice. That added a lot of sunshine to my day! I listened to the news and I felt lucky to be where I was. The organization was really good and we were very reassured.

Here, at Sélection Retraite Ile des Soeurs, we are lucky to be in very pleasant surroundings. We have a lot of space and don’t feel shut in. And, of course, with the magnificent view of the seaway from my terrace, you feel like you’re on vacation. I keep my terrace door open night and day to enjoy it.

I am generally at the pool two times a week so the first day of reopening, I was the first to jump in the water! I really missed being able to do my exercises in the pool. It makes such a difference to my physical well-being.

I spoke with my family on the phone, but also by text and FaceTime. I am very tech savvy for my age [laughs]. I am going on vacation next week to see my family in Charlevoix. I can’t wait to see them!

Giannina Mercier-Gouin

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