Jacqueline Jetté


“I feel a little happiness every day.”

I think that I also managed well throughout the quarantine because I was here at Sélection Cours du Moulin. When you are in the right place surrounded by good people and in a beautiful environment, it’s easier to get through. Our surroundings in the heart of Vieux Saint-Eustache are so calm and soothing!

The residence staff gave 110% to put the protective measures in place and that allowed me to get through this difficult time, not anxiously, but in recognition and appreciation.

We received a lot of human warmth from our management and staff. They came to visit us several times and to bring us surprises like chocolates for Mother’s Day. Despite their masks, you could see their laughing, sparkling eyes. It was heartwarming!

My children have also been there for me. They brought me my groceries and I let myself be spoiled. My two grandchildren made me so many beautiful drawings that I didn’t know where to put them [laughs]. I have kept them all.

I really missed socializing with people in the residence and I am happy to see them again in the courtyard or the dining room, which has been reorganized to ensure our safety. I have been very involved here since my arrival. I gave computer classes and put on shows with the residents… It all came to an end from one day to the next with the pandemic so I had to keep myself busy.

With my daughter, who works in education, I spent hours discovering all these platforms like Zoom, Meets… I know them all now! I also enjoy small daily pleasures like sitting down and sipping my coffee or when there’s a knock at my door and someone brings me a surprise. That makes my day!

Jacqueline Jetté

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