Jean Legentil


“Life is so much better with a smile.”

Both the management and the employees of Sélection Retraite Ile des Sœurs are extraordinary and thanks to them the quarantine really went beyond my expectations. They brought three meals a day to my door with a big smile. I asked them, “And you, your morale?” They told me that everything was going very well. I found that very encouraging. The human warmth of the attendants is probably the thing that struck me the most. I will always remember that.

The quality of the meals remained exceptional. They even brought us surprise snacks a few times in the afternoon. We are very well treated!

I hung a big sign on my door thanking all the staff. I wrote my thanks in several languages and many told me that it was very much appreciated. At my age, you know right away when it’s sincere and comes from the heart.

My morale remained excellent. I kept myself busy. I exercise for 30 minutes every morning in my apartment with weights. I did dozens of puzzles with 350 to 500 pieces that my daughter sent me in the mail. That allows me to keep my mind focused on the game rather than the illness. I love walking so every afternoon I set out for a stroll by the water. With the gradual lifting of the quarantine, I started to play pétanque two evenings a week.

I follow the news with my iPad and my family take turns calling me several times a day sometimes. I have also been on Zoom with my children and grandchildren. They wanted to see my face to see that everything was going okay. I am very well ensconced and my family is my greatest treasure. Life is beautiful!

Jean Legentil

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