M. et Madame Mainville


“We felt very positive throughout the quarantine despite the fact that we had to stay in our apartment. We felt really safe seeing how the complex was taking our protection very seriously.”

To stay in touch with our loved ones, we discovered Messenger and created a family group of 13 with our children and grandchildren. Every morning, we wished each other a good day and shared our news. That kept us busy for a good part of the morning!

It’s true that we missed our daily activities. We were used to going to the pool for 30 minutes every morning. We have found other ways to spend our time and to exercise. I opened the patio door and walked up and down the apartment [laughs].

The management of our complex has also set up several services to make our life easier. Among others, they came to an agreement with the grocery store next door to eliminate delivery fees and the many days of delay between an online order and delivery. We handed over our grocery list to the residence staff in the morning, twice a week, and our groceries were delivered to our door in the afternoon. It was super!

Despite everything, special occasions continued to be celebrated in the complex, but in a different way. They marked Father’s Day by handing out chocolates from door to door, and flowers for Mother’s Day. It was a lovely surprise every time someone knocked at the door.

Nearly every evening, a staff member would call us to see how we were doing. They called everyone to hear their news. That made all the difference!

M. et Madame Mainville

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