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Dare to dream!

We have the immense pleasure of having Michel Forget join the Sélection Retraite team as our spokesperson. After a prolific television career and numerous business opportunities, Mr. Forget enjoys part-time retirement to pursue his passions.

Why Michel Forget? With his reassuring voice and his radiating personality, he proved to be an easy choice.

Follow your passion

It’s been a tremendous honour to act as Sélection Retraite’s ambassador for the past few years. It’s a role I hold dear to my heart.

To me, entertainment, physical activity, and a lively social life are essential to a fulfilling retirement. Sélection Retraite understands this well and offers its residents a wide range of recreation programs, balanced and tasty meals, and a stimulating environment. It’s the key to a promising chapter

I’m making the most of this new step in my life, and I’m very optimistic. I appreciate the good things life has to offer, big and small. Playing golf with friends – nothing could make me happier. Travelling also brings me joy. Staying open and marvelling at the world keeps me young.

Let’s savour each moment on this new adventure.

Michel Forget

Michel Forget’s secrets for a happy retirement

Enjoying all the little things in life.

It often doesn’t take much to be happy. All I have to do is watch hockey while eating a few cookies and that’s it! Since my gradual retirement in 2010, I found a bunch of little pleasures that cost nothing. I have fun tidying the woods on my property, planting all kinds of things – it’s sometimes as simple as that. When I have breakfast in the morning, I see the neighbour’s horses.

Doing what we love.

In retirement, we have the luxury of choosing what we want to do and what we don’t want to do anymore. I still like to participate in film shoots occasionally; it’s no longer a job for me, but a vacation because I only accept projects that appeal to me.

Trying new things.

I tried to play the piano and the guitar. I discovered that I didn’t have much talent, but it doesn’t matter. You have to try all kinds of things to discover new passions.

Still marvelling.

I think it’s very important to hold on to your innocence in a positive sense and to see life through a child’s eyes as much as possible. I am a grandfather to two grandchildren and when my wife and I babysit them, the house is so full of life. We watch them ride bikes, following them on foot; we go at their pace and we forget the passing of time. It’s wonderful!

Being well surrounded.

It’s so important to have good people around you! My wife has shared my life for 38 years and we still have fun together. I still make her laugh every day. I have always been a bit of a clown [laughs]. I’m lucky because I have good friends. I don’t have tons, but each of them brings me something good.

Taking care of your health.

I thank life every day for being healthy and for being able to freely pursue the activities that I enjoy. I eat my bowl of fruit every morning, stretch to keep my body in shape. I love cycling and I play golf several times a week. I stopped drinking at the age of 39, and for me it was the beginning of my journey to take care of my mind and my body.

Slowing down.

After years of working and running against the clock, I now take the time to sit down, think about what I want and daydream. I ran enough in my life; I no longer want to have jam-packed days.

“It’s so important to have good people around you! ”

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