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Michel Forget, Ambassador
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We have the immense pleasure of having Michel Forget join the Sélection Retraite team as our spokesperson. After a prolific television career and numerous business opportunities, Mr. Forget enjoys part-time retirement to pursue his passions.

Why Michel Forget? With his reassuring voice and his radiating personality, he proved to be an easy choice.

Where beautiful happens

It is a great privilege for me to join the Sélection Retraite team as spokesperson, a role which is particularly dear to my heart.

Having had an amazing career as an actor, I was thinking more and more about the next part of my adventure. I was looking forward to this new stage of my life with excitement. I had a ton of projects.

I still take small roles here and there. I choose what I feel like doing and I take full advantage of each moment. I live a peaceful life with my wife, surrounded by nature and good friends.

I became conscious of the importance of health to carry out all of our projects. I am a cycling and golf fanatic! Entertainment and physical activity are priorities for us as a couple. Sélection Retraite understands this and offers all of its residents a variety of recreational programs, balanced and tasty meals and a stimulating environment. This is the key to a promise-filled future!

I appreciate all of life’s pleasures, big and small. It doesn’t take anything more to make me happy than watching hockey with some cookies and a glass of milk. Travelling also makes me very happy. Being filled with wonder and opening ourselves to the world keeps us young.
From me to you, I invite you to Dare to Dream!

Michel Forget

Master of his art

There is nothing more entertaining than sharing a film set with Michel Forget. Thanks to his ease, versatility and professionalism, projects become easy and enjoyable. Watch the videos to see Michel at work, in his element.

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Sélection Retraite has the health and safety of its residents at the heart of its priorities. Given the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 and the guidelines issued by the Quebec government, numerous measures were put in place in our residences.