Noreen Asano

« I was so contented I didn’t want the quarantine to end »

The Story of Noreen


I could finally do all the things that I always set aside for later. We were treated to some wonderful concerts. It brightened up my day. And I adore line dancing, so I had to learn how to do it all alone in my living room.

My daughter who lives in the United States phoned every day and my granddaughter sent me texts with her news. They were very reassured to see how things were going here at Sélection Retraite Laval.

The management was very proactive in putting protective measures in place. Staff worked long hours, always with a smile. It warmed my heart to see what good care they were taking of us.

On a beautiful afternoon, they came to give us a glass of wine with a snack. What a wonderful surprise! A bit of human warmth always does one good.

I learned how to order groceries remotely by leaving my list at reception and, like magic, I received my order that day.

As soon as the quarantine was over, evenings and dinners in the garden were organized. That made us realize that we could do things and still respect social distancing rules. It was like a ray of hope that normal life would return bit by bit. I can’t wait to reunite with my line dancing partners and my bowling league.

Noreen Asano

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