Normand & Francine


« There are three things that are important for aging well: eat well, stay in shape and socialize. »


« You forgot love! »

The story of Normand & Francine


We lived for 42 years in the same house. And we don’t miss it at all. The upkeep, the snow clearing, the lawn… it’s all over!

We visited other residences before choosing Sélection Retraite. But we found it was “younger” here. People are more active. What’s more, we had friends who already lived here and who seemed really happy. So we said to ourselves, why not us? And so, it’s been a bit more than five years that we’ve been here.

People socialize a lot. That’s what makes life pleasant.

During the quarantine, the staff really looked after us. Two times a week they knocked at our doors to see how everything was going and to bring us a little glass of wine with a bit of cheese.

We have friends in other residences. If we wanted to make a comparison against what we’ve heard, here, we have done everything to continue to socialize, to meet up, to laugh, to enjoy ourselves, to sing. There has been so much life here. And there still is!

We are comfortable here. We are happy and it reassures our children to know that. If you are tempted to come and have a glass of wine at four o’clock, there will be at least a dozen of us outside… but socially distanced! We chat.

Normand & Francine

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