Normand Thouin

«Like a lot of people, we started to bake bread as well. We messed up a few times [laughs], but we enjoyed it. »

The story of Normand


We moved in in the midst of the pandemic. We were warmly welcomed despite the situation. We received a beautiful welcome gift. A basket full of sweets and the ID Santé agenda. We arrived May 1st and we spent a good three weeks setting up our apartment. That kept us busy.

We have the telemedicine service. It’s really a good idea to get around waiting days to speak to a doctor. I haven’t needed to use it yet, but I can count on it when I do. It’s reassuring.

I thought it was normal and logical to want to protect ourselves. It might seem harsh to begin with, but it was the thing to do. We can say proudly that we had no cases at Sélection Retraite Laval. We really felt well protected.

Now, I am eager to play golf on the simulator and to go the pool and the spa with my wife. It is surprising how much there is to discover here.

Normand Thouin

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