Paulette Turcotte

« We were closely followed by the staff. We felt lucky to be where we were when we looked at the news!»

The story of Paulette


During the quarantine, we had to change our way of life a little. I learned to slow down, sit down and read. Before, I was always here and there and very involved in the residence. I took advantage of the time we had to spend pleasant moments with my husband and relax. It’s a very good life lesson.

Outdoor activities were allowed in the garden, with social distancing. We had music, exercise on the balconies. Outdoor suppers. Things that we couldn’t have had if we’d still been inside our homes.

They delivered our groceries to our door and meals too. Lots of amenities were available to us. They even came to collect our garbage bags so that we didn’t have to go out. Even to this day, we don’t want to go out because we have everything we need here.

I can’t wait to play Bingo indoors, like normal, to take aquaform classes and philosophy classes.

I spent three weeks with two other residents creating the book Il était une fois 2020 (Once Upon a Time in 2020), which was printed by our complex. We asked residents to write a page of text to express themselves on the situation and to let off steam. It’s a book that our children and grandchildren will be able to keep to remember what happened.

Paulette Turcotte

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