Pauline Bergeron

« My husband was happy because I was at home with him more often. [Laughs.]

I play Scrabble online with other people and that saved me! »

The Story of Pauline


The best thing about the quarantine we have been through is how our children were there for us even more than usual. The staff in our complex also went out of their way to make our lives pleasant. They took the trouble to phone us to find out if we were okay and if we needed anything. Groceries, mail, medication – they came to our door to bring us everything we needed. Even the director came knocking on our door on weekends, her time off, to bring us Easter goodies and flowers for Mother’s Day.

We had Facetime and Skype meals with family, happy hours, wine and cheese tasting to keep in touch. My children couldn’t believe we were doing so well and in such good spirits. Even I still can’t get over how well it went.

I am very active and busy by nature, I go out a lot with friends, and the quarantine forced me to slow down. I learned how to take my time and do things more slowly. I never had the time to read so I took advantage of that.

I am happy to get in the swimming pool again after several weeks. Only a few people swim at a time, keeping our distance, and it feels good. I go out for dinner with my friends and, of course, always respect social distancing and mask rules. Normal life is getting underway again, slowly but surely, and we realize that we have been very blessed to experience the pandemic in such a wonderful way.

Pauline Bergeron

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