Pierrette Meunier

« I savour my freedom every day.” »

The Story of Pierrette


I feel lucky to have been quarantined in my warm, comfortable apartment. I was happy to see that Sélection Retraite Laval implemented preventive measures to protect me and ensure my safety.

Even if some services of the retirement home had to close their doors and group activities have been put on hold, the staff was resourceful in finding ways for us to maintain contact and to keep busy.

They phoned us to hear our news, management gave us letters and we were given everything we needed. We chatted for a few minutes at the door, two metres apart. It’s good for morale and what a joy to see people! Outdoor activities were organized such as dancing, concerts and exercise sessions to prevent loneliness.

Closeness to my children, grandchildren, sisters and brothers was probably the thing I missed most. The human touch! Even though the phone, FaceTime, Messenger and Skype allowed us to stay in contact, I couldn’t wait to see them again, even from two metres away.

I was dreading spending my birthday alone in April. That was how little I knew my relatives! They came and decorated my ground-floor balcony with what was at hand, managing to make the day full of surprises and happiness. It is definitely my happiest memory.

Pierrette Meunier

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