René et Denise Major


“We are as happy as birds in spring!”

Our residence has gone all out so that we could enjoy all sorts of activities despite the new sanitary measures. We received visits in the courtyard from artists and magicians. A magnificent gazebo with a gas fireplace and chairs was installed so that we could relax outdoors. We also enjoyed a barbeque for cooking. Patrick, our animator, is excellent. He’s like our baby! [Laughs.] He organized steak & frites suppers in the courtyard, wines and cheeses… there are always activities. We have so much to do here that we don’t even want to go out!

When I compare the ice storm of 1998, it is real luxury that we are living here despite the current crisis. We haven’t lacked for anything.

We keep in contact with our families thanks to the Internet. My wife speaks with her daughters on Messenger and I receive calls every day from my son and my grandson of 32. Some days we have more to say to each other but it’s nice and gives a shot of energy. [Laughs.] The most important thing is that it makes you realize that the people you love haven’t forgotten you and that warms the heart.

We really miss the Coffee Encounters with management. Now that the nice weather is here, they have organized the gatherings in the courtyard every two weeks and it’s the opportunity for them to update us on the complex’s projects and activities and for us to ask all our questions. Relations are really excellent between staff members and residents.

René et Denise Major

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