Roger Kanash


“We were much better off here than elsewhere.”

The staff at Sélection Retraite Saint-Jean did an extraordinary job in reassuring us and keeping us busy. They brought our groceries bags to our doors and little surprise treats from time to time.

Our children came as well to leave us things at the entry. Plexiglas was quickly installed in the dining room so that we could continue to eat together and chat in complete safety.

FaceTime has been the best way to stay in touch with family. On the other hand, the children sometimes called us a little too early [laughs]. Lots of people learned how it works and are now enjoying the advantages of technology without tearing their hair out. 

When the nice weather returned, the management had the good idea to transform a huge parking lot into a walking corridor. We moved our cars to make the space bigger in order to get some air. Bingo games were organized every week and shown on TV. We had a visit from some singers. We were spoiled!

For a joke, my wife hung up a large sign on our apartment door that read Beware: the grouch lives here. That made a lot of people laugh and it felt good.

Like many people, we started baking bread, which we had never done before in our lives! We rediscovered some of our favourite activities like the gym, billiards and the pool. We can’t complain!

Roger Kanash

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