Sandy Lavigne


“I only have good things to say!”

I am very happy with the work that has been done at Sélection Retraite Deux-Montagnes to protect my parents. I have only congratulations to offer the management. I was very worried for my parents at the beginning of the pandemic, particularly for my father who was just recovering from severe bronchitis. I was quickly reassured to see how the residence applied the sanitary measures to the letter. They did more than enough!

Even though safety remained the number-one priority, they still organized all sorts of activities to entertain people and lift their morale. They could enjoy the nice weather in the back courtyard. I visited them each week and we talked at a distance from their balcony. We also spent a lot of time on FaceTime with my sister and the family. As I often said to my parents, they would have been more bored had they still been in their house.

Sandy Lavigne
Resident's daughter

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