Before moving in with his wife at Sélection Laval, M. Lambert always had an active and healthy lifestyle. Semi-professional golf player since his mid-twenties, he then put his entire focus on his government's career while still practicing many sports for leisure. Meet this passionate individual with a contagious smile.

Why do you identify as “The kind of the lawn?”

“ Simply because I am in charge if the petanque field. Here, there is a lot of liberty and understanding. With time, we were able to upgrade the area so everyone could enjoy the game at their rhythm. As an example, by using a few pipes, I put together an elevated base to display our petanque balls. Residents that were not as flexible were then able to play with a peace of mind.

I started playing golf when I was eight years old, at 10 I was teaching classes and today, I am still pushing my peers to move by offering them coaching sessions to everyone who claims they “don’t know how to play” or that simply want to improve themselves. One of my greatest pleasures here is to bring people together -especially men- who have a higher tendency not to feel represented in group activities. I don’t want any credit, sports are easy for me, and I feel inclined to share my passion. It makes me happier to do so, as well as taking care of the field. During winter, I am giving golf lessons inside. We developed a few activities that are suitable for both men and women.”

Do you need specific qualifications to play Petanque ?

“ EVERYONE can play petanque, from seven to 97 years old! I, even myself, didn’t know how to play when I got here. I think it is more about practice and passion than anything else.”

What is your best moment since your arrival at Selection?

“ When we arrived at Selection -my wife and I- we had to put together a group so we could be a part of a few tournaments. We teamed up with an 85-year-old women which has not been chosen by the other teams, even though she had a lot of energy and self-assurance. By joining forces, we were able to win the tournament that particular year. It was a magical moment and an honour for us. Since that moment, people were telling us not to play together because we were “too powerful.” ”

How is this activity pleasing you?

“ It is an outdoor activity that brings people together and makes us happy, that simple.”

What is the secret to your happiness?

“ Do not take yourself too seriously! That was my moms’ mantra. You have to take life day by day, live in the present moment. Tomorrow, we never know what might happen, but today, yes. And yesterday? It’s already part of the past! If you’re not having any pleasure in life, it’s going to be a very long one.”

Besides petanque, what brings you happiness during summer at Selection Laval?

“ We play cards a lot during the summer, and sometimes we do it outside. It is precisely the type of activity not to take too seriously. To win is always nice, but once the game is over, we forget who the winner is, and we only remember the fun we had while sharing this joyful moment.”

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