It is during a festive Spanish inspired themed night that Huguette and Roger are sharing with us their happiness, active lifestyle, and overall love.

Lounging under the tree of the green backyard at Selection Laval, their complicity and happiness are beyond contagious. Married since 2017, not too long after their union, the idea of moving into a residence rapidly came… which goes to show that it is possible to be a wholesome young couple at any age. Meet this inspiring duo who likes to make the most of every situation, especially during summer.

Why did you choose Selection Laval ?

“Well, it was a pretty easy choice! It was never a question to go somewhere other than Selection Laval since my daughter- Isabelle - works here. She sold us on all the activities and services you may experience here.” - Huguette

“We moved in together a few months before establishing ourselves at Selection, but our new life is here, it is our first official couple nest.”  — Roger. 

Why are you guys taking part in the Spanish-themed night?

“ We are attending pretty much every outing or activities. We love to have fun and fun is always awaiting here. We chat with friends, eat a delicious meal, and share an overall good time”  — Roger. 

What are your other favourite activities at Selection ?

“ Honestly, my favourite activity is dancing! Once a month, I dance for as long as I can! My husband is not a huge fan of dancing, but he is slowly getting the hang of it. Whether the activity, every moment brings us closer.

We even put together a fashion show at the beginning of Summer. The store landed us some new clothes, and we styled them. The slogan of the night was “faut que ça bouge” (groovy night). The music was catchy, and since I love to move and make people laugh, I started belly dancing in front of the audience. Everyone was having fun, and Roger was assisting the whole time.” – Huguette.

“ My definition of outdoor pleasure here is petanque. It is a great opportunity to get together outside, and it is always an easy task to team up. It’s also a great excuse to spend some time outside with the greens. Moreover, during summer, we plan group walks every Thursday at 9 am. We go outside and walk for around 30 minutes in the area. Our group is called “the walk of the roses” and was created to encourage fellow residents to move. It’s always a great start of the day.”— Roger.

What is the secret to YOUR happiness ? 

“We are happy where we are together, and we know how to appreciate each moment. One of the ways we get along is to up the AC at its maximum capacity when my husband and I are hot, and I then bury myself under covers so that he feels comfortable. It is to be WITH the other and to listen.”— Huguette. 

“ As long as we are having a good time, we will forever feel like 20 years old. The heart is forever young. The rest is only experiences. Then comes the friends, the get-togethers and the activities. When you are healthy, happiness always comes easily. It’s all full circle. If you stay put, you might be less sturdy, and if you move daily, you stay in good shape. You can nurture that thinking here.”  — Roger.

Do you have any holiday plans this summer ?

“ We jokingly love to say that we don’t have any time for a Holiday considering that we are too busy here! Being retired is being on vacation from January 1st to December 31st. We went on a two-day road trip to Quebec, and we do not feel the need to go anywhere else at the moment. Our only hope is to continue to appreciate each summer days. Happiness is eternally a question of attitude.” — Huguette and Roger.

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