A $58 million project to build a 226 unit retirement complex

The construction of the Sélection Terrebonne retirement complex has officially begun. The official goundbreaking ceremony took place today alongside Terrebonne mayor Marc-André Plante, and Éric Vincent, Réseau Sélection’s Vice President, Marketing and Sales.

A $57.9 million investment and 37 new jobs

The six story, 226-unit building will require an investment of approximately $58 million. Three types of rental units will be offered. These include “Rose Aimée Servisoins” rooms, individual rental apartments with related services as well as prestige-style penthouse apartments. The apartments will be available in several categories (3 ½, 4 ½, and 5 ½) in order to meet a broad range of needs. The complex will also include approximately 9,000 square feet of common areas, such as an indoor pool and fitness center. Commercial facilities such as a pharmacy and hair dressing salon will also be made available for residents’ convenience.

In all, 37 new permanent jobs will be created. Residents will occupy the first of the 226 units at the start of fall 2019. The sales office, which will be localed at 2785 De la Pinière blvd., suite 120,  is scheduled to be open at the start of next year.



We are thrilled to welcome Sélection Retraite to Terrebonne. This retirement complex responds perfectly to the needs of citizens aged 55 and over who seek a living environment that is adapted to the realities of today’s world. These days, people of all ages want to remain active and healthy for as long as possible. Sélection Retraite will provide them with that opportunity.

– Marc-André Plante, mayor of Terrebonne


With its 226 units, Sélection Terrebonne will enable us to build roots in the local community. We are looking forward to offering our future residents a secure and agreeable living environment, which will enable them to remain in the town in which they might have lived all of their lives. 

– Éric Vincent,Vice President, Marketing and Sales,Réseau Sélection


At Réseau Sélection it is important for us to build communities that people want to live in. Sélection Terrebonne is no exception. We create living environments that are adapted to the needs of Québec retirees and which will also meet the needs of Canadian and international retirees, as we hope to penetrate those markets over the medium term. 

– Réal Bouclin, Founding President and CEO. Réseau Sélection

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