Easing of the confinement measures since May 5th X X
Take the temperature of everyone who enters the residence (employees, authorised visitors, residents) X  
Implementation of a ‘‘comfort squad’’ that seeks to break the isolation and solitude that some residents may feel during the confinement period X  
Concentration of entry and exit traffic through the main door X  
Conclusion of a partnership agreement with Telus Health to offer our residents and employees a state-of- the-art telemedicine service X  
Ask employees to avoid travel and gatherings X X
Telework for employees, where possible X X
Suspension of renovation work, except emergency work X  
Granting of the $4 bonus for our caretakers X X
Granting of the 8% premium for our nurses X X
Compliance with social distance instructions (2 metres), inside and outside the residence (floor markings inside and outside the residence) X X
Granting of the $4 bonus for our employees in our complexes X X
Mandatory use of a face mask for all employees, in all areas of the residence, including those dedicated to staff X X
Installation of a visiting room in certain residences X  
Implementation a mechanism to ensure delivery of goods to our residents without them being delivered directly to them X X
Priority for COVID-19 screening for our residents and employees when leaving the emergency department X X
Wearing a mask or face covering is highly recommended for residents when they go to the common areas of the residence X X
Employees should only work with residents with the same infectious status, i.e. they work with either probable, confirmed or COVID-19 cases under investigation or with negative cases or without a risk factor. X X
Wearing of Personal Protective Equipment by each employee working on probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19 and confirmed by a CISSS or CIUSSS professional, as agreed X X
Compliance with specific cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidelines in the context of COVID-19. X X


Obligatory 14-day isolation for employees that have cough and fever symptoms X X
Obligatory 14-day isolation for employees that have travelled X X
Obligatory 14-day isolation for employees/residents that travelled in regions identified by the Canadian government X X
Voluntary isolation for residents that travelled + accompaniment service for those who do not want to isolate themselves, as required X X
Quarantine protocol for residents, when residents or employees are awaiting test results X  
14-day isolation protocol for residents who return to the residence after more than 24 hours in hospital (and who have received a negative COVID-19 test) X  X


Interdiction of non-essential visits (except for medical visits, caregivers, CISSS and CIUSSS clinical teams, people who need to carry out the necessary repairs and maintenance in the building or living units to ensure safety, and rental visits, provided that the health rules of infection prevention and control (PCI) are strictly respected) X  X
Limit of the number of people who can use the elevator at the same time, depending on the size of the elevator and maintaining a minimum of 2 metres between occupants X  X


A form to be completed and signed by authorized visitors (caregivers, essential medical services) who enter the residence (questions about their travel and symptoms) X  
Maintain a register of authorised visitors (close relations who help and medical visits) X  
Identification of residents who have traveled and follow up on their symptoms, if applicable X  
Identification of employees who have traveled and follow up on their symptoms, if applicable X  
Daily poster listing updates and key information for residents X  
Specific procedures given to new residents who need to move into the residence or out of it (any non-essential move is postponed) X  X
Employee registration : Audit questionnaire completed and signed by employees X  
Consent for all residents leaving the residence (respect of governmental guidelines and raising awareness of risks associated with leaving the residence) X  
Monitoring of the condition of each resident (keeping a record of the information) X  X


Permission for significant caregivers to provide support to residents (as of May 11, 2020), subject to certain conditions

The following criteria are in place:


  • A consent form is completed and signed by the caregiver and kept by residence management;


  • Taking the temperature at the entrance to the residence;
  • Checklist with the steps to be taken for caregivers (links for training will be provided);


  • A consentment form must be completed and signed before entering the residence;


  • Establishment of a register of caregivers, including visitation dates;


  • Access granted only from the reception of the residence to the resident's apartment;


  • Prohibition of going to the common areas of the residence;


  • Access is denied to caregivers with COVID-19 related symptoms, who have travelled in the past 14 days or who have been in contact with:
    • A person with such symptoms in the last 14 days;
    • A person who has been declared for COVID-19 and is awaiting results within the last 14 days;
    • A person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days;
    • A person who has travelled in the past 14 days.


  • Mandatory use of a mask, as soon as you enter the residence, and use of personal protective equipment (gloves and jackets) according to the condition of the patient;


  • Mandatory use of freshly washed clothing (having had no contact with other people prior to arrival at the residence);


  • Compliance with measures of social distance (2 metres);


  • Prohibition of remaining in the resident's apartment if aerosol-generating medical procedures are performed.




Authorization of one to two people at a time, for a maximum of three different people in a 24-hour period, favouring only the significant people identified by the resident and his or her relatives X  X
Individualized support for visitors to ensure that they comply with infection prevention and control measures until they enter the resident's rental unit X  X
These visitors are prohibited from visiting places other than those where the resident who is at the end of his life is (such as common areas) X  X


Anti-bacterial gel to be used by all residents, authorized visitors and employees at the entrance of the residence as well as in parking areas (at the entrance to the elevators) X  X
Increased cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are touched by people X  X
Sensitization of commercial tenants and construction sub-contractors about hygiene measures that need to be implemented in the complexes X  
Numerous posters of reminders regarding sanitation and hygiene (residents, authorised visitors, kitchen staff) X   X
Hand hygiene training for all staff X   X
Setting up hand hygiene stations at the entrance of the residence and the equipment required to respect hygiene and respiratory etiquette in the cafeteria X   X


When applicable, the Consentement – Déplacements nécessaires form has been completed for residents working in essential service areas. X  
At all times, residents who have tested positive, who have symptoms or who are awaiting COVID-19 results are not allowed to exit the residence X  X
As of May 11, it is permissible for residents to go shopping in stores deemed essential, while wearing a mask is highly recommended X  X
Establishment of a register for residents' arrivals and departures X  X
Compliance with physical distancing measures, which include respecting a 2-metre distance between residents, between staff and residents, and between staff, where possible X  X
Compliance with the hand-washing procedure by residents at the exit and entrance of the residence, as well as in parking areas (at the entrance to the elevators) X  
Establishment of a protocol to coordinate visits by relatives outside the residence, in order to avoid large gatherings X  
Residents can take their car X  X


Gym/exercise room X X
Chapel/place of worship (government decree) X X
Salad counter and buffet X X
Dining room X X
Hairdresser X X
Recreation area (cards, puzzles) / billiards / virtual golf X  
Reopening of common lounges for all residences, excluding those currently in quarantine by the Institut National de la Santé publique X X

*** The writers of this document accept no responsibility for its use, the latter being intended as an informative tool and should not be substituted for any other directive from concerned government bodies which may follow its creation.

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