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An active social life is essential to our retirees, as they enjoy socializing with neighbours, engaging in their favourite pastime and taking part in all kinds of activities organized in the complex they live in. That’s why it is more important than ever, during the present quarantine period, to find other ways for them to socialize.

Turn off your TV set for a few minutes and catch up with your loved ones by phone or video call, and invite them to do the same. A simple call, even a brief one, could perk them up for the rest of the day and put a touch of brightness in their life.

Socially distant, but close to your heart

Even if elderly people must remain in their apartments without receiving any visitors, there are many ways to stay connected with them, whether you call them face-to-face with Skype or Facetime, or use Whatsapp to exchange text messages, or simple phone them.

Why not organize a virtual family supper or challenge them to a video game online? Be creative and find ways to stay connected. Make them aware of all the ways they can have fun without leaving the comfort and security of their home: the internet offers a plethora of online movies, books or games, museums and musical shows… especially in this time of social distancing, and a lot of them are free.

Your parents or grandparents are anxious about the present situation? Get ideas on how to reassure them by consulting our guide How to stay zen.

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As the COVID-19 virus keeps spreading around the world, exceptional measures are being taken to keep Quebecers safe, one of them being self-isolation.

Since people 70 years old and older are more vulnerable to the coronavirus, residents of our complexes across the province are asked to stay in their home, in all but exceptional cases, and follow the hygiene measures prescribed by the government in order to protect their own life and that of their neighbours. Click here to learn more about the measures taken in our complexes against the spread of COVID-19.

Our teams and our personnel do the utmost to protect our residents, keep them healthy and give them moral support in these difficult times. One such measure is

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