Réseau Sélection picked two world-class awards at the 2017 edition of The Globals - Over 50's Housing Healthcare event in London, which celebrates excellence in the field, notably with respect to retirement homes.

Réseau Sélection’s commitment to offering innovative, quality and dynamic living environments is paying off. The Canadian leader picked two world-class awards at the 2017 edition of The Globals - Over 50's Housing Healthcare event in London, which celebrates excellence in the field, notably with respect to retirement homes. The Quebec company won the Most Outstanding Vertical Retirement Living Project Award for 2017 for its Sélection Panorama Prestige complex in Laval, and the Most Outstanding Senior Rental Housing of 2017 award for Sélection Vaudreuil Signature.

"The awards provide extraordinary recognition for our teams and for Quebec talent, which are once again standing out on the international scene," said Réal Bouclin, Réseau Sélection’s founding President and CEO. “They also provide a wonderful tribute to two internationally-renowned architects, Maxime Frappier, who designed Sélection Panorama, Canada’s tallest retirement complex, and Joanne Godin, of Lemay, who designed Sélection Vaudreuil. These honors also highlight the key roles of Fiera Capital and Revera, who partnered with us in the Sélection Panorama project."

“Judging by the quality of the projects developed by companies like Réseau Sélection, Canada will clearly be attracting attention during the next few years," said Esmonde Crawley, publisher of more than 50 newspapers and websites - in 10 countries – which deal with housing for adults 50 years and older. Mr. Crawley is a world-renowned expert in the field of homes for retirees and seniors, who travels the world 10 months a year to research and document his thinking.

Winners of The Globals Over 50's Housing Healthcare awards, which were founded in 1998, are selected by an independent panel of 20 global newspaper publishers who cover the global residential services, health-related services and innovations, and medical tourism and technology sectors. This year Réseau Sélection stood out along with Pradella Properties (Australia), Unisono (Spain), Brina Brains (Great Britain), Medica Sur (Mexico) and other similar groups from the fifteen countries who participated in the event.

Sélection Panorama: Réseau Sélection’s flagship

The 30-storey Sélection Panorama, which is located on the banks of the Rivière des Prairies is destined to become Réseau Sélection’s flagship project. This $100 million development, inspired by major American seaside projects, features 360-degree views of Mount Royal and St. Joseph's Oratory and meshes architecturally with its neighboring environment. This is reflected in the choice of materials that were used for common areas, ranging from white oak, to walnut and birch. www.selectionpanorama.ca/.

Sélection Vaudreuil: building the city of tomorrow
Sélection Vaudreuil was designated as a transit-oriented development (AATC) due to its proximity to the Dorion-Rigaud station. The complex is located close to many shops and points of service (food market, sports complex, pharmacy, restaurants, shops), and provides easy access to Montréal’s key sites and events of interest. This $50 million project meshes harmoniously with its surrounding environment, due in part to its spectacular window-works, which offers clear views of the neighboring areas. 

Innovation and an attentive ear
"We started by thinking of retirement as a stage of life where one can continue to grow, to share, to create and to connect with others. We have thus always listened to our customers to understand what we could do to help them to live better and to be more fulfilled in their living environments. In short, we put people at the heart of innovation,” says Réal Bouclin. “This engagement process has enabled us to understand that today different generations want to mingle with each other. We designed our new projects with this in mind."

About Réseau Sélection
Réseau Sélection has been designing, developing, building and managing retirement homes for close to 30 years. This pioneer in its sector, is a leading Canadian private retirement complex sector actor. Its unique, vertically-integrated structure, facilitates geographic and product diversification. Réseau Sélection is currently developing, building or operating 40 retirement complexes, some 10,000 units, and employs close to 3,500 people, dedicated to its clientele. According to one poll, 96% of clients recommend Réseau Sélection.

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