Sélection Retraite, a division of Réseau Sélection is innovating again, through the introduction of the Gustav digital healthcare coordination platform into its retirement communities. Developed in collaboration with Hospitalis, this new offering will provide some 10,000 Sélection Retraite sesidents with access to a unique, optimised, state-of-the-art service.

The Gustav inter-disciplinary platform facilitates the continuous coordination of each resident’s care as their health evolves. It will thus now be easier to offer residents timely and improved services based their overall health status.


Better information facilitates preventive healthcare

Gustav will provide Sélection Retraite healthcare personnel with easy access to the crucial information they need to properly service residents. With just a few clicks the healthcare professional can consult and update information related to each resident’s status and progress. This will facilitate the implementation of our preventive approach.

Implementation of Gustav into Sélection Retraite’s existing retirement homes began in February. The process will be completed by the end of 2018. Sélection Retraite projects that are planned or under construction will also provide the new residents with the benefits this platform offers.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle habits has always been a core commitment at Sélection Retraite. Indeed the company implemented its healthyID®program with a preventive healthcare focus in mind. The innovative healthyID®approach, which was founded based on the most recent research related to seniors’ healthcare needs, encompasses activities, advice and an environment that promotes residents’ health and wellbeing. This vision enables more than 10,000 Sélection Retraite retirees to profit from an active lifestyle for as long as possible, so they can live better, longer. The Gustav platform will help to achieve that goal.



Jackie Cyr
Vice President, Health and Center of Excellence

We developed Gustav by leveraging our 30 years of experience and understanding of our retiree clientele. With Gustav, our goal is to offer a service that is personalized and adapted to each of our clients’ health trajectories, all while guaranteeing the confidentiality of their data.

Gustav is a cornerstone of our desire to innovate daily in monitoring our residents’ health. It consists of a simple, easy-to-use, mobile tool that will enable us to offer an improved experience that will foster the well-being of all of our clients.


Réal Bouclin

Founding President and Chief Executive Officer

Sélection Retraite’s primary focus relates to the well-being of our residents. We thus are eager to leverage innovative solutions that facilitate their lives and those of our personnel. We are also proud to have chosen a platform developed by a provider right here in Québec.


The Gustav platform is available at: gustavsante.com


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