Sélection Retraite invited itself in your living room in order to celebrate the 50thanniversary of the Bye Bye.

Indeed, we are proud to be part of this tradition and to wish you a wonderful year to come. A year that will be marked by celebrations for us because Groupe Sélection will blow 30 candles in 2019.

For this edition, Radio-Canada challenged advertisers to create original and high-quality commercials, and with great haste we decided to accept the challenge. Our commercial, created specially for this occasion, will showcase Michel Forget in one of his famous roles, as well as a special guest.

We thus encourage all Canadians to vote for our advertisement between January 1 and 6, 2019, on the following website: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/concours-byebyepub/

We also invite them to share our ad with their friends and families on social media.



« Groupe Sélection prides itself in constantly creating opportunities for growth and blossoming. It is in that mindset that we have created a commercial based on well-being, that showcases the creative spirit and modern vision embodied in all our community projects.” 

- Réal Bouclin, Founding President and CEO


« The BYE BYE is an institution. We are proud to become part of this significant Québec tradition. We found inspiration in a Québec television classic, and we hope that this commercial will bring a smile to your lips. »

- Éric Vincent, Vice-President, exploitation and customer experience

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