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The bliss of being in good shape

It is often said that happiness can be found in little things. To fully enjoy every moment, it is important to be healthy, both physically and mentally speaking. Physical and social activities provide an opportunity to laugh and to enjoy unique moments with friends! Discover today a wide range of services that will make your life easier in terms of fitness, nutrition and health maintenance.

Your health, our priority

Though we like to say that health is the basis of everything, we must keep in mind that it is crucial to take care of its multiple aspects. Health does not only concern the body. It also concerns the mind. That is precisely why the healthyID® program was thought out: to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in a preventive way on a daily basis. Social life, physical activity, nutrition, new technologies and above all, your environment, influence your quality of life and your health. Think about it!

A comforting presence

With their carefully adapted spaces and quality health care services, the Rose-Aimée assisted living facilities allow you to preserve your autonomy in the reassuring comfort of your home. In other words, you can receive all the help that your health state requires, and still enjoy all comfort you deserve.

Services that make your life pleasant

Sélection Retraite provides you with services that are personalized down to the smallest details… just like a five-star hotel! In addition to the long list of health care we offer, you will have access to a number of charming local shops within our residence. And to top it all off: attentive and competent 24/7 security service and playful sporting facilities.

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